The videos of the Grand Final have been moved to a separate post for simplicity’s sake. These are videos of the rounds and of WIDPSC 2013 as a whole, created by the Clifton Film Academy at Clifton School, Durban, South Africa.

Debate Final 3
Proposition: Clare Moffat (Canada) and Nicholas Marine (South Africa)
Opposition: Aspen Wang (Hong Kong) and Waris Asmal (South Africa)

Interpretive Reading Finals
Claudia Tam (Hong Kong) [Broke 1]


WSDC 2010 – Draw Videos

This is part of the WSDC 2010 series as I recount and report on the World School Debating Championship 2010 from Doha, Qatar as a debater, blogger and Hong Kong national team member.

It was a long wait, but finally the 2010 WSDC Doha draw was announced following the earlier structure announcement. Now the videos have also been uploaded at the WSDC 2010 YouTube channel :

Hi everyone,

The draw videos are now online! They are available at

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the draw process. In particular, I would like to thank the draw supervisors — Irene McGrath (Group A, Dundee), Sixto Ramos (Group B, Peru), Jess Price (Group C, Cape Town), Pardip Chopra (Group D, Calgary), Gaurav Keerthi (Group E, Singapore), Taimur Bandey (Group F, Lahore), Effie Giannakouri (Group G, Athens) and Chris Erskine (Group H, Doha) — as well as Claire Ryan and Dr Hayat Maarafi for their welcome messages. Chris and I have been very happy with the entire draw process, and we are satisfied that all draw participants have followed the requirements of the “draw explanation” document that we circulated last week.
I would also like to thank Joshua Milch for the many hours that he has volunteered for editing and formatting.

We hope that you enjoy the videos!
Simon Quinn

Perhaps someone should take the time to compile all the videos into 1 long clip?