Most likely not a comprehensive collection of videos made of WSDC 2016 debates, but these are the one’s I’ve found. I’m vaguely aware that more were taken, but until they surface here you go. Full credits to the respective uploaders, particularly Argentina Debate, Christian Yeo, George Clay and Indian Students Debates for their larger collections. These are sorted alphabetically by prop (there’s no bias in the listing here, sorry).


WSDC 2016 – Motions

A hopefully comprehensive list of the motions used at WSDC 2016. These have been compiled quite after-the-fact, so there may well be inaccuracies in the spelling or wording, my apologies in advance if this is the case. Feel free to comment if there are errors you notice and I’ll correct them as best as possible.

A preceeding ‘I’ indicates an impromptu motion


WSDC 2016 – Results round-up

Outrounds progression chart

Outrounds progression chart

Visit for the full set of results.

Champion: England
Best ESL Team: Pakistan
Best EFL Team: Denmark
Best New Team: Rwanda

Best Speaker: Eden Blair (Australia)
Best ESL Speaker: Kishen Sivabalan (Malaysia)
Best EFL Speaker: Clara Grønborg Juul (Denmark)
Best New Speaker: Florine Michelle Rombach (Switzerland)


WSDC 2016 – End of Round 4 aggregate results

Based on officially released tab for R1-4, corrections made since previous post, pretty sure of accuracy, though I could always be wrong.

Usual health warnings about this being unofficial and possibly inaccurate.

Final note, the absence of Nigeria means some teams have a bye (indicated with a *) whose results are out of 3 debates rather than 4.

4 wins, 12 ballots: South Africa
4 wins, 11 ballots: Canada, Malaysia, Singapore
4 wins, 10 ballots: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka