Other than the televised SF and GF of WSDC 2015, which can be located at Channel 5’s toggle, here are some more WSDC 2015 videos. These are courtsey of Arthur Lee of Team Singapore 2015, Agrim Singh of Singapore, Aaron Timmons of USA, Alfred ‘Tuna’ Snider of USA, Team Argentina and Lauren Ahn of Team Korea 2015.

Speedy Mass Transit Railway

I really like this video, and I think it’s a reasonably accurate reflection of how efficient the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) can be. Essentially it’s someone trying to see if they can get from one station to another faster on foot than via the MTR. In short, they don’t beat the MTR, but even then only by the sink of their teeth.

There’s a UK version of it for the tube, which has the result going the other way.

Obviously both are a bit contrived, but still a fun experiment, not that I’d want to do the running myself anytime soon.

ASDC 2014 Grand Final [VIDEO]

Video recording of the Grand Final of the 2014 Asian Schools Debating Competition by Logan Balavijendran.

ASDC 2014 GFMotion: TH regrets the emphasis on miracles in the spread of religion
Proposition: Hwa Chong Institution 1 (Singapore)
Opposition: Damansara Jaya 2 (Malaysia)
Result: Damansara Jaya 2 by 6-3 split decision

More videos of ASDC debates can be find at

Hong Kong’s Tiger Tutors

Lots of people have probably heard me joking about the asian stereotype of studying all the time. If you’ve got some free time, then I’d encourage you to watch this documentary.

Admittedly it is somewhat exaggerated and of course this sort of experience isn’t universal (so don’t go around talking to everyone from HK as if they did go through all those), but certainly it’s representative of the experience of lots of people. It also gives you an idea why I dislike the tutorial system in general. It’s not that it doesn’t help people, but rather that it should be a necessary component of the education system.

All that said, having not been through this system myself, my own experiences are only peripheral.


The videos of the Grand Final have been moved to a separate post for simplicity’s sake. These are videos of the rounds and of WIDPSC 2013 as a whole, created by the Clifton Film Academy at Clifton School, Durban, South Africa.

Debate Final 3
Proposition: Clare Moffat (Canada) and Nicholas Marine (South Africa)
Opposition: Aspen Wang (Hong Kong) and Waris Asmal (South Africa)

Interpretive Reading Finals
Claudia Tam (Hong Kong) [Broke 1]