Our dashing convenor - Benson Lam (CUHK)

Our dashing convenor – Benson Lam (CUHK)

The Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society’s Summer Workshop 2015 has recently concluded. For me personally HKPDS has now gone full circle from 07′-09′ as a participant, to 12′ and 15′ as assistant trainer and trainer. Excellent improvements in the short span of one week from all the participants of course, and really glad I could see it happen.

Grand Finals

Champion: Sex Dream with Victoria (Victoria Liu, Victoria Yang)
Best Speaker in Grand Final: Victoria Yang (Sex Dream with Victoria)
Grand Finalists: Muito Bem (Sam Lin, Fong Cheok Wang), Did We Just Knife Them? (Mackenzie Tsw, Alba Zhu), Sex Dream With Mindy (Vienna Zhu, Anna Shao)

Public Speaking

Champion: Bakhita Fung
1st Runner-up: Karina Poon

Best Speakers

Rank Name Team Points
1 Victor Yang Two Young Too Simple 78.57
2= Liu Chuxuan Sex Dream with Victoria 78.42
2= Raymond Huang Sex Dream With Anna 78.42
4= Anita Carroll Scottish Independence 78.28
4= Yang Yaqing Sex Dream with Victoria 78.28
6 Xiao Mingmei Bidou 78.14
7 Margarita Ma Sex Dream With Anna 78
8= Andre Pannu Scottish Independence 77.71
8= Catherine Guo Two Young Too Simple 77.71
10 Trevor Chow Pretentious Lionfish 77.57


AdjCore: Samuel Chan, Holmes Chan, Wen-yu Weng and Vincent Chiang
See EDCHK for full list including infoslides (indicated by *)


2nd AWSDC 2014 [MOTIONS]

Motions for the 2nd Asia World Schools Debating Championships held in Thailand as official released in regards to the preliminary and out rounds.

R1: THB in a citizen’s right to bear arms.
R2: THBT liberal democracies should adopt educational policies at creating a less religious population.
R3: THW not give prominent entertainment awards to artists who have committed crimes of violence.
R4: THW give more votes to citizens who regularly donate a substantial proportion of their income to respectable charitable causes.
R5: THW give a doctors, not parents, the final say over all medical decisions concerning children.
R6: THW force all advertising to provide only technical product details and require that all products be sold in plain packages.
R7: THBT living below the poverty line should be the absolute defense to acquisitive crimes.
R8: THB the LGBT rights movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice.
OF: THW make the income tax of the richest proportional to the level of economic inequality.
QF: THBT the US should withdraw all military aid from Israel until the end of the occupation in Gaza.
SF: TH believes in the universal right to internet access.
GF: THBT when leaders of capable states turn away refugees, the ICC should prosecute them for crimes against humanity.

Oxford IV 2014

Molly and Jamie are doing a smashing job and this is all massively exciting! But for fear of failing to move on from what is no someone else’s party, the remainder of this shall be decidedly boring in format.

Oxford IV 2014 Convenors

Oxford IV 2014 Convenors Jamie Jackson and Molly McParland

Various bits of Oxford IV 2014 related news.:

1. Molly McParland and Jamie Jackson have been appointed Oxford IV 2014 Convenors
2. The Oxford IV will take place on the 14th-15th November 2014.
3. CA Team: Colin Etnire, Emilia Carlqvist, Tasha Rachman, Christine Simpson
4. Website:
5. Facebook Event:
6. Registration: International registration opens 1 August, IONA registration opens 1 September with 20 half-price IONA spots opening at the same time
7. Discount for new IONA universities

We want to make sure that the Oxford IV represents a competition that is accessible to all IONA universities. It is an international competition, but an IONA-centric one. Therefore, we are offering 20 team places at half price this year to IONA institutions who do not normally attend, or have not recently attended, the IV. These places will be assigned on the basis of competitive application, with spreading opportunities being the primary criterion. We believe that the Oxford IV should be accessible to all of IONA’s best debaters, regardless of the wealth of their society.

WSDC 2014 – Attending Teams Analyzed: Part 2 [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] 7 July 2014: Updated to reflect the final confirmed list of 46 teams. Specifically, this involved confirmation of Japan and Singapore’s attendance, and the addition of Namibia. This puts the tournament at 46 teams and I suspect this will mean 6 groups of 6 along with 2 groups of 5 forming groups A-H respectively.

This is based on the 45 teams who have been named as either attending or pending by the organisers of WSDC 2014. Data is drawn from tabs of the last 17 WSDCs.

Recent performance
New Zealand return to the top of the table after last appearing in the top spot prior to WSDC 2010 with a clean record of 24 wins from the last 24 preliminary rounds. England maintain its spot in 2nd with Australia dropping to 3rd. See here for the 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 lists.

Since the use of a draw grid was introduced at WSDC 2010, the tournament has seen 48 or more teams, leading simply to sets of 6 with slight increases if necessary. It remains unclear how the grid will be structured this year with just 45 teams, and potentially might see 4 sets of 11 instead of 8 sets of 5/6 as the basis for the grid.

In any event, here is the unofficial list showing how teams have performed in the last few years and where they are likely to stand in the pre-tournament ranking process. This is the average performance of each country in the preliminary rounds of the last three tournaments. The pre-tournament ranking system was introduced at WSDC 2010 but this is no guarantee that WSDC 2014 will use this system. The order of countries is first by the average number of wins, then average number of judges. In the few cases where this is insufficient to distinguish teams, I have gone with the team that has a higher number of wins and judges at WSDC 2013. (Ireland>UAE, South Korea>Scotland, Thailand>Philippines, Slovenia>Lithuania)

WARNING: I am personally responsible for any errors and apologise in advanced for any. This list is not official and not certain of being 100% accurate, it is intended merely as a guide.

WSDC 2014 – Attending Teams Analyzed: Part 1

This is based on the 45 teams who have been named as either attending or pending by the organisers of WSDC 2014. Data is drawn from tabs of the last 17 WSDCs.

Not attending
Though a number of teams stated they probably weren’t going to attend WSDC 2014, some have magically decided they will be attending after all. No word as to what has changed, although a number of countries did indicate their earlier statements were based on parental assessments at the time and which understandably may have changed.

However, a few teams will still be missed in Thailand, including Bermuda, Czech Republic and Hong Kong who have each attended at least 16 of the last 17 WSDCs with the exception of Hong Kong who have attended 13 of the last 17. Other more recent regulars include Qatar (5 of the last 5), Namibia (3 of the last 5) and Mongolia (3 of the last 5).

Regulars, or not
Of the 45 set to attend, some of the most usual suspects are back, including Australia, Canada, England, Israel, Lithuania, Scotland, Singapore, USA and Wales having attended all the last 17 WSDCs. Argentina, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Peru, Slovakia and South Africa not too far behind having missed only 1 of the last 17 WSDCs.

WSDC 2014 – Attending Teams [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 28 June] To reflect latest update from the organisers.

As indicated by the organisers on the Thailand WSDC facebook page, they are expecting some 46 teams to attend WSDC 2014. This will be the smallest tournament since WSDC exploded in size in 2010.

The draw is yet, though set, to be announced shortly pending confirmation from a few countries. It’ll still be an earlier announcement than 2013 when the draw was released 19 days before the tournament, though a little less than the 39 days teams were given between the draw and the tournament for 2012.

ASDC 2014 Grand Final [VIDEO]

Video recording of the Grand Final of the 2014 Asian Schools Debating Competition by Logan Balavijendran.

ASDC 2014 GFMotion: TH regrets the emphasis on miracles in the spread of religion
Proposition: Hwa Chong Institution 1 (Singapore)
Opposition: Damansara Jaya 2 (Malaysia)
Result: Damansara Jaya 2 by 6-3 split decision

More videos of ASDC debates can be find at

Monroe Cup 2014 [MOTIONS] [BREAK]

Any errors my responsibility entirely. I apologies for spelling errors, am quite tired. Similarly, sadly unfamiliar with many of the people that broke and so don’t have full names.


CAed by Douglas Cochran, Kate Brooks and Jamie Batchelor

R1: THW Criminalize the Purchase of Sex
R2: THBT Seats in the UK Parliament Should be Based on Competitive, Merit-based, Exam rather than elections
R3: THBT the Palestinian People Should Abandon Claims to Independent Statehood and Publicly Demand the Merger of Palestine and Israel Into A Single Democratic State
R4: THW Remove the Exemption for Religion Organization From Anti-Discrimination Legislation (eg. Equalities Act 2010)
GF: THBT the United States Government Should Pay Reparations to the Descendants of Former Slaves

Break to Grand Finals

Ongoing Grand Final at Middle Temple Hall

Ongoing Grand Final at Middle Temple Hall

1. Ben Adams, Freddy Powell – 10 points
2. Ashish Kumar, Joshua Anderson – 10 points
3. Harish Natarajan, Dave Jones – 10 points
4. Scott Ralston, Fred Cowell – 9 points

On a personal note, actually quite enjoyed the 4 rounds of debating, interesting topics, extremely generous and awesome partner, and a well provided tournament.

Oxford Womens Open 2014 [MOTIONS][RESULTS]

Motions for the Oxford Womens Open 2014, CAed by Sally Rooney and Catherine Murphy

R1: TH Supports Separatism In Identity Politics Movements
R2: THW Set A Quota for British Players on Premier League Football Teams
R3: TH Condemns Liberal Support for Pope Francis
R4: TH Supports a Global Wealth Tax
R5: THW Allow Individuals to Sue Those Who Lie to Them in Order to Engage Them in Sex
SF: THW Ban Autonomous Military Drones
GF: THB Feminists Should Not Remove Their Body Hair (or words to that effect)
Thanks to Georgie for the SF and GF motions!

Baillie Gifford who sponsored this year’s tournament

The competition was won by Georgie Barker and Marlena Valles.
The tournament’s Best Speaker was Amanda Moorghen.

The full tab can be found at

Oxford Schools Debating Competition 2014 [RESULTS]

Unfortunately I wasn’t even able to actually attend this year’s Finals which is a pity because I’ve heard that it was pretty awesome.
I did manage to fish the tab off another website ( which I hope is accurate.

Dulwich Grand Finalists: (L-R) Ronan Patrick, Louis Collier, Will Cook, Raffy Marshall

Grand Final
Motion: THBT All WW1 Centenary Commemorations Should Exclude Any References to Bravery, or Positive Experiences of Participants

Dulwich RR: Raffy Marshall, Ronan Patrick
Eton ET: Harry Elliott, Toby Tricks
Latymer Upper A: Sam Feinberg, Joe Rachman
Dulwich CC: Louis Collier, Will Cook

The Grand Final was won by Dulwich CC: Louis Collier and Will Cook