The 2014 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships, once again hosted by Druskininkai in Lithuania, concluded on the 29th of April 2014. A tab has not been publicly published, and WIDPSC still remains one of the least-covered international level tournaments. Hopefully, with Hong Kong set to host WIDPSC 2015 this will change for the better. Thanks also to Brian Wong (Team HK – WIDPSC 2014) from whom many of these results originate.

Whilst there is a lack of official results (I’ve cobbled together as much of what I can find online), there is certainly not a lack of photos or videos, with the organisers very efficiently making them available at https://www.facebook.com/widpsc2014. A video recording of the WIDPSC 2014 Grand Finals is embedded at the bottom of this post.

Any errors in the information included below are mine and mine alone. Given that I was not present in Lithuania, and haven’t been to a WIDPSC in around 5 years these results are highly likely to contain inaccuracies. Please do not rely on these as definitive information in any manner.

All speakers from HK unless otherwise denoted

Daniel Huang [Canada]

Daniel Huang [Canada] (Facebook: WIDPSC2014)

Overall Rankings
1st – Daniel Huang [Canada]

WIDPSC 2013 – Grand Final [VIDEOS]

Other WIDPSC 2013 videos can be found in my earlier post. These are only from the Grand Finals hosted at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Debating Grand Final
Motion: THW sacrifice economic gain for the good of the environment
Proposition: Nick Marine (South Africa) and Emma Pottinger (South Africa)
Opposition: Joseph Kahn (South Africa) and William Richardson (Canada)
Result: Joseph Kahn – Champion; Emma Pottinger – 1st runner-up; Nick Marine – 2nd runner-up; William Richardson – 3rd runner-up

After-Dinner Speech Champion
Emily Leijer (Australia)


WIDPSC 2013 Speaker Tab [RESULTS]

The overall speakers tab for the 2013 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships hosted in Durban, South Africa are included below. These results are taken from the WIDPSC Facebook Page.

1. Connor Campbell (Canada)
2. Joseph Kahn (South Africa)
3. Nicholas Marine (South Africa)
4. Madhav Menon (Hong Kong)
5. William Richardson (Canada)
6. Raja Noureddine (Australia)
7. Nicolo Mazaro (USA)
7. Ryan Sherbo (Canada)
9. Lucien Wang (Hong Kong)
10. Ella Thomson (Canada)
11. Greta Hoaken (Canada)
12. Emma Pottinger (South Africa)
13. Jaclyn Flom (Canada)
14. Philip Balson (USA)
15. Clare Moffat (Canada)
16. Zachariah Lee (Hong Kong)
17. Shaun Gohel (USA)
18. John French (USA)
19. Katie McAllister (Australia)
20. Pierce Dickson (Canada)


The videos of the Grand Final have been moved to a separate post for simplicity’s sake. These are videos of the rounds and of WIDPSC 2013 as a whole, created by the Clifton Film Academy at Clifton School, Durban, South Africa.

Debate Final 3
Proposition: Clare Moffat (Canada) and Nicholas Marine (South Africa)
Opposition: Aspen Wang (Hong Kong) and Waris Asmal (South Africa)

Interpretive Reading Finals
Claudia Tam (Hong Kong) [Broke 1]



The 2013 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships recently concluded, having been hosted by Clifton School in Durban, South Africa. In particular, the organisers were quite efficient with the results and accompanying videos of the event, much of which are included below. Almost all of this information can originally be found on the WIDPSC Facebook Page.

Champions and Grand Final

In reverse order of the occurence of the Grand Finals.

1. Connor Campbell (Canada)
2. Joseph Kahn (South Africa)
3. Nicholas Marine (South Africa)
4. Madhav Menon (Hong Kong)
5. William Richardson (Canada)
6. Raja Noureddine (Australia)
7. Nicolo Mazaro (USA)
7. Ryan Sherbo (Canada)
9. Lucien Wang (Hong Kong)
10. Ella Thomson (Canada)

After-Dinner Speech
1. Emily Leijer (Australia) [2]
2. Raja Noureddine (Australia) [3]
3. Povilas Rutkauskas (Lithuania) [5]

Persuasive Speaking
1. Eleonora Lekaviciute (Lithuania) [5]
2. Lucien Wang (Hong Kong) [11]
3. Madhav Menon (Hong Kong) [4]

Impromptu Speaking
1. Nicolo Mazaro (USA) [10]
2. Lucien Wang (Hong Kong) [7]
3. Clare Moffat (Canada) [2]

1. Joseph Kahn (South Africa) [4]
2. Emma Pottinger (South Africa) [8]
3. Nicholas Marine (South Africa) [9]
4. William Richardson (Canada) [3]

Interperative Reading
1. Ryan Sherbo (Canada) [4]
2. Shaun Gohel (USA) [2]
3. Connor Campbell (Canada) [9]


WIDPSC 2012 – Grand Finals results

This is in addition to the results I noted in the previous WIDPSC 2012 post. Thanks to Ryan Tang for these details.

Only 2 individuals made it to 2 Grand Finals, them being Anisah Mahomed (Canada) for Debaing and Persuasive Speaking, and Neil Kemister (Australia) for Impormptu Speaking and After Dinner Speech. Interesting to note that Canada swept into the Debating Grand Finals and although Canada is quite strong in the individual standings, they were not as heavily represented in the Grand Finals, although they do have 6 of the 12 spots. Of the 5 Grand Finals, 3 of them were won by the person with the higher ranking after the initial preliminary rounds. Interestingly, only 2 of the events saw the top ranking individual of the preliminary rounds make it to the Grand Final.