The 2014 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships, once again hosted by Druskininkai in Lithuania, concluded on the 29th of April 2014. A tab has not been publicly published, and WIDPSC still remains one of the least-covered international level tournaments. Hopefully, with Hong Kong set to host WIDPSC 2015 this will change for the better. Thanks also to Brian Wong (Team HK – WIDPSC 2014) from whom many of these results originate.

Whilst there is a lack of official results (I’ve cobbled together as much of what I can find online), there is certainly not a lack of photos or videos, with the organisers very efficiently making them available at https://www.facebook.com/widpsc2014. A video recording of the WIDPSC 2014 Grand Finals is embedded at the bottom of this post.

Any errors in the information included below are mine and mine alone. Given that I was not present in Lithuania, and haven’t been to a WIDPSC in around 5 years these results are highly likely to contain inaccuracies. Please do not rely on these as definitive information in any manner.

All speakers from HK unless otherwise denoted

Daniel Huang [Canada]

Daniel Huang [Canada] (Facebook: WIDPSC2014)

Overall Rankings
1st – Daniel Huang [Canada]

WIDPSC 2013 – Grand Final [VIDEOS]

Other WIDPSC 2013 videos can be found in my earlier post. These are only from the Grand Finals hosted at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Debating Grand Final
Motion: THW sacrifice economic gain for the good of the environment
Proposition: Nick Marine (South Africa) and Emma Pottinger (South Africa)
Opposition: Joseph Kahn (South Africa) and William Richardson (Canada)
Result: Joseph Kahn – Champion; Emma Pottinger – 1st runner-up; Nick Marine – 2nd runner-up; William Richardson – 3rd runner-up

After-Dinner Speech Champion
Emily Leijer (Australia)


WIDPSC 2013 Speaker Tab [RESULTS]

The overall speakers tab for the 2013 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships hosted in Durban, South Africa are included below. These results are taken from the WIDPSC Facebook Page.

1. Connor Campbell (Canada)
2. Joseph Kahn (South Africa)
3. Nicholas Marine (South Africa)
4. Madhav Menon (Hong Kong)
5. William Richardson (Canada)
6. Raja Noureddine (Australia)
7. Nicolo Mazaro (USA)
7. Ryan Sherbo (Canada)
9. Lucien Wang (Hong Kong)
10. Ella Thomson (Canada)
11. Greta Hoaken (Canada)
12. Emma Pottinger (South Africa)
13. Jaclyn Flom (Canada)
14. Philip Balson (USA)
15. Clare Moffat (Canada)
16. Zachariah Lee (Hong Kong)
17. Shaun Gohel (USA)
18. John French (USA)
19. Katie McAllister (Australia)
20. Pierce Dickson (Canada)


The videos of the Grand Final have been moved to a separate post for simplicity’s sake. These are videos of the rounds and of WIDPSC 2013 as a whole, created by the Clifton Film Academy at Clifton School, Durban, South Africa.

Debate Final 3
Proposition: Clare Moffat (Canada) and Nicholas Marine (South Africa)
Opposition: Aspen Wang (Hong Kong) and Waris Asmal (South Africa)

Interpretive Reading Finals
Claudia Tam (Hong Kong) [Broke 1]



The 2013 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships recently concluded, having been hosted by Clifton School in Durban, South Africa. In particular, the organisers were quite efficient with the results and accompanying videos of the event, much of which are included below. Almost all of this information can originally be found on the WIDPSC Facebook Page.

Champions and Grand Final

In reverse order of the occurence of the Grand Finals.

1. Connor Campbell (Canada)
2. Joseph Kahn (South Africa)
3. Nicholas Marine (South Africa)
4. Madhav Menon (Hong Kong)
5. William Richardson (Canada)
6. Raja Noureddine (Australia)
7. Nicolo Mazaro (USA)
7. Ryan Sherbo (Canada)
9. Lucien Wang (Hong Kong)
10. Ella Thomson (Canada)

After-Dinner Speech
1. Emily Leijer (Australia) [2]
2. Raja Noureddine (Australia) [3]
3. Povilas Rutkauskas (Lithuania) [5]

Persuasive Speaking
1. Eleonora Lekaviciute (Lithuania) [5]
2. Lucien Wang (Hong Kong) [11]
3. Madhav Menon (Hong Kong) [4]

Impromptu Speaking
1. Nicolo Mazaro (USA) [10]
2. Lucien Wang (Hong Kong) [7]
3. Clare Moffat (Canada) [2]

1. Joseph Kahn (South Africa) [4]
2. Emma Pottinger (South Africa) [8]
3. Nicholas Marine (South Africa) [9]
4. William Richardson (Canada) [3]

Interperative Reading
1. Ryan Sherbo (Canada) [4]
2. Shaun Gohel (USA) [2]
3. Connor Campbell (Canada) [9]


WIDPSC 2012 – Grand Finals results

This is in addition to the results I noted in the previous WIDPSC 2012 post. Thanks to Ryan Tang for these details.

Only 2 individuals made it to 2 Grand Finals, them being Anisah Mahomed (Canada) for Debaing and Persuasive Speaking, and Neil Kemister (Australia) for Impormptu Speaking and After Dinner Speech. Interesting to note that Canada swept into the Debating Grand Finals and although Canada is quite strong in the individual standings, they were not as heavily represented in the Grand Finals, although they do have 6 of the 12 spots. Of the 5 Grand Finals, 3 of them were won by the person with the higher ranking after the initial preliminary rounds. Interestingly, only 2 of the events saw the top ranking individual of the preliminary rounds make it to the Grand Final.

WIDPSC 2012 Results

[UPDATE] For details on those who go to the Grand Finals and results of the Grand Finals, see this post.

The 2012 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships recently concluded, once again hosted by the Moreton Bay Boys’ College in Brisbane, Australia, who also hosted WIDPSC 2011. Sadly, we don’t yet have a full list of the Grand Finalists nor the World Champions. Thankfully, Team Hong Kong and the crew back in Hong Kong have been extremely efficient and have already uploaded the results of the preliminary rounds as well as Team Hong Kong’s performance to the HKSDC website.

Here’s a run-down of the results with a few bits of analysis.


I don’t know who made it to the Grand Final of each category, but thankfully I do know the individual who won each event and the overall Best Speaker award. They are:

World Champion: Ryan Pistorius (Canada)
Debating World Champion: Connor Campbell (Canada)
Interperative Reading World Champion: Lucien Wang (Hong Kong)
Persuasive Speaking World Champion: Natasha Dusabe (South Africa)
After-Dinner Speaking World Champion: Neil Kemister (Australia)
Impromptu Speaking World Champion: Priyanka Sekhar (USA)

Team Hong Kong

As a whole, Team HK saw 6 team members make a record 7 different finals. In addition, there were two Grand Finalists (Esther Mak for Persuasive Speaking, Lucien Wang for Interpreative Reading) and Lucien Wang also became the World Champion for Interperative Reading. In comparison, WIDPSC 2011 saw 3 team members make 6 finals and 3 Grand Finalists.

Top Posts of the Year 2011

2011 is coming to a close, and PaulLau.com has grown another year older, 27 months and counting. There have been over 88,700 views since this blog began in October 2009, and over 550 posts (recall just 12 months ago, that number stood at a little over 180) which means that the “Posting at least once every week in 2011” commitment became more of a ‘Posting once a day’. It’s been an amazing year in terms of the blog, nearly 66,000 views just this year. So here’s a look back at the top posts of 2011.

1. WSDC 2011 – Team Lists [1st all time]
Part of the WSDC 2011 series, the posts resided in sidebar of PaulLau.com for over 8 months in the run-up to WSDC 2011 in Dundee, listing the team members attending WSDC 2011, at least those I could find.

2. Fire at UWC Atlantic College [2nd all time]
Other than debating, this was undoubtedly the second biggest story of the blog this year. I started this post 2 hours after the incident itself and continued updating it as a running summary of the situation.

3. TOK Essay – May 2012 [3rd all time]
Let’s just say this has not been the highlight of my Christmas holiday.

4. Fire at UWC Atlantic College – Photo Set 1 [4th all time]
The first images of the aftermath of the fire. Incidentally, April 14th was the busiest day on the blog with just under 1,300 views in just 24 hours.

5. [RESULTS] LSE Open 2011 [Tab]
A tournament I attended with David as my debating partner, joined by other Team Wales member Cat and Sarah. An amazing experience and my first peek into university level debating. You can read about what happened in my de-facto diary entry 1, 2 and see how Team Wales fared.

6. WSDC 2011 – Official World Rankings
Also part of the WSDC 2011 series, the official world rankings followed my earlier, and rather more controversial, post with my own calculations (which were quite accurate, even if I say so myself)

7. AC IB Results 2011
A good year for AC and some good results all together for my dear second years. Sadly, that puts the bar quite high for the UWC AC class of 2012.

8. [RESULTS] WSDC 2011 – Round-up
The ultimate summary of my final high-school tournament – WSDC 2011 – before I left the high-school debating scene. An amazing tournament and some unforgettable memories. Thank you to everyone.

9. Fire @UWC Atlantic College – Photo Set 2
The second set of photos regarding the Sunley fire, this time with my own photos.

10. SCMP – Profile: Chris Lee (IS) IGCSE Top of the World
A not so original post, but an article that did catch my eye, and clearly attracted quite a bit of attention too.

Honorary Mentions

I think it is worth noting at this point that although only 3 WSDC 2011 related posts were found in the top 10, and only 4 debating related posts, the next 10 posts are exclusively debating related, 8 of which are WSDC 2011 related as well. August 2011 was also the most popular month for PaulLau.com with nearly 14,000 views. A final thought: isn’t it interesting that Team Singapore, Team Canada and Team England come in as top posts on their own?

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WIDPSC 2012 – Team Hong Kong

WIDPSC 2012 is quickly approaching and national teams are beginning to form. HKSDC held the Hong Kong Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships on the 26th of November 2011 at La Salle College to select Team Hong Kong.

HKIDPSC was attended by 20 students form 13 schools who all competed in the four disciplines: debating, interpretive reading, persuasive speaking and impromptu speaking. Interestingly enough, the trials for Hong Kong continue to exclude using the ‘After-Dinner Speech’ as part of the selection process.

Full results of HKIDPSC 2011 can be found at the HKSDC website (http://hksdc.wordpress.com/hksdc-idpsc-november-2011-rankings/) which was updated by Mr. Michael Evershed less than 24 hours after the event concluded, amongst one of the fastest updates the HKSDC website has seen in recent times.

Team Hong Kong for WIDPSC 2012 will be:

  • Brian Wong (Island School)
  • Justin Lee (Shatin College)
  • Emma Tsoi (Diocesan Girls’ School)
  • Lucien Wang (King George V)
  • Madhav Menon (South Island School)
  • Esther Mak (St. Paul’s Co-ed College)
  • Eunice Leung (Maryknoll Convent School)
  • Claudia Tam (West Island school)

Team Hong Kong for WIDPSC 2012

For more results, look at http://hksdc.wordpress.com/