WIDPSC 2013 – Grand Final [VIDEOS]

Other WIDPSC 2013 videos can be found in my earlier post. These are only from the Grand Finals hosted at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Debating Grand Final
Motion: THW sacrifice economic gain for the good of the environment
Proposition: Nick Marine (South Africa) and Emma Pottinger (South Africa)
Opposition: Joseph Kahn (South Africa) and William Richardson (Canada)
Result: Joseph Kahn – Champion; Emma Pottinger – 1st runner-up; Nick Marine – 2nd runner-up; William Richardson – 3rd runner-up

After-Dinner Speech Champion
Emily Leijer (Australia)



The videos of the Grand Final have been moved to a separate post for simplicity’s sake. These are videos of the rounds and of WIDPSC 2013 as a whole, created by the Clifton Film Academy at Clifton School, Durban, South Africa.

Debate Final 3
Proposition: Clare Moffat (Canada) and Nicholas Marine (South Africa)
Opposition: Aspen Wang (Hong Kong) and Waris Asmal (South Africa)

Interpretive Reading Finals
Claudia Tam (Hong Kong) [Broke 1]



The 2013 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships recently concluded, having been hosted by Clifton School in Durban, South Africa. In particular, the organisers were quite efficient with the results and accompanying videos of the event, much of which are included below. Almost all of this information can originally be found on the WIDPSC Facebook Page.

Champions and Grand Final

In reverse order of the occurence of the Grand Finals.

1. Connor Campbell (Canada)
2. Joseph Kahn (South Africa)
3. Nicholas Marine (South Africa)
4. Madhav Menon (Hong Kong)
5. William Richardson (Canada)
6. Raja Noureddine (Australia)
7. Nicolo Mazaro (USA)
7. Ryan Sherbo (Canada)
9. Lucien Wang (Hong Kong)
10. Ella Thomson (Canada)

After-Dinner Speech
1. Emily Leijer (Australia) [2]
2. Raja Noureddine (Australia) [3]
3. Povilas Rutkauskas (Lithuania) [5]

Persuasive Speaking
1. Eleonora Lekaviciute (Lithuania) [5]
2. Lucien Wang (Hong Kong) [11]
3. Madhav Menon (Hong Kong) [4]

Impromptu Speaking
1. Nicolo Mazaro (USA) [10]
2. Lucien Wang (Hong Kong) [7]
3. Clare Moffat (Canada) [2]

1. Joseph Kahn (South Africa) [4]
2. Emma Pottinger (South Africa) [8]
3. Nicholas Marine (South Africa) [9]
4. William Richardson (Canada) [3]

Interperative Reading
1. Ryan Sherbo (Canada) [4]
2. Shaun Gohel (USA) [2]
3. Connor Campbell (Canada) [9]



R1: THW create public housing for the poor in wealthy neighborhoods
R2: THBT Japan should acquire nuclear weapons
R3: THW only imprison individuals who pose a direct and continuing threat to society
R4: THBT international development institutions (such as the World Bank) should not finance natural resource extraction projects in corrupt states
R5: THBT self-described progressive males of dominant ethnicities are morally obliged to refrain from taking positions of responsibility where there is a qualified alternative candidate from a historically disadvantaged group who would otherwise receive the post
R6: THW legally permit soldiers to refuse to participate in military actions or missions on the basis of conscious
R7: THBT European Union nations should forgive Greece’s sovereign debt
R8: THBT countries with booming populations should allocate every adult a single tradeable permit to have a child
R9: THW ban political parties and require candidates to run for office as independents
Half OF: THBT universities should never prohibit research or teaching on the ground of sexist, racist or otherwise discriminatory implications
OF: THBT the US should cut off all military aid to Egypt
QF: THW ban all advertising of consumer goods and services.
SF: THBT the WTO should never allow nations to place export restrictions on food, rare-earth metals, and other non-oil commodities
GF: THW not allow religious communities to expel members on the basis of views or actions that contradict doctrinal teachings

ESL QF: THBT publicly funded universities should be required to reduce enrolment in degree programs within their university that have statistically poor employment outcomes
ESL SF: THBT policies that may have significant environmental consequences should be subject to a veto by a “Supreme Court” of independent scientific experts
ESL GF: THBT representatives democracies with large numbers of foreigners living in their territory (on temporary or permanent basis) should create specific seats to represent them in parliament

EFL QF: THBT publicly funded universities should be required to reduce enrolment in degree programs within their university that have statistically poor employment outcomes
EFL SF: THBT the feminist movement should actively promote norms of stable monogamous relationships
EFL GF: TH welcomes the decline of the United States of America as the sole global super power

Masters R1: Should parents raise their child/ren without gender?
Masters R2: Should we ever imprison nonviolent offenders?
Masters GF: Should we support free-schooling?