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Online WSDC 2020

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Prepared motions for both divisions (prelims):

Round 1: This House would designate specific non-residential areas in which drug users and dealers are legally allowed to buy, use, and sell drugs
Round 3: This House would replace human judgment with computer algorithms in criminal sentencing decisions
Round 5: This House prefers a world where all land was held in government trust and leased out on limited-term contracts

Impromptu motions (prelims):

Round 2 (Maya): THW pay additional benefits to families on welfare according to their child’s performance in school
Round 2 (Aztec): THBT opposition political parties should boycott elections, rather than contest them, when the electoral process is believed not to be free and fair
Round 4 (Maya): THW ban political parties and require all candidates for national public office to seek election as independents

Round 4 (Aztec): THBT multinational companies should be liable for human rights abuses that occur anywhere in their supply chain

Definition: A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in supplying a product or service to a consumer. Supply chain activities involve the transformation of natural resources, raw materials, and components into a finished product that is delivered to the end customer.
Round 6 (Maya): THBT mainstream search engines should refuse to list results with sexist, racist or otherwise offensive content

Round 6 (one rescheduled match in Maya): THW ban job applicants from disclosing the name of the university that issued any degrees they may hold

Round 6 (Aztec): THW ban corporate* sponsorship of research within academic or educational institutions 

*for this debate, “corporate” means for-profit companies
Elimination rounds (all impromptu):


Motion 1: TH opposes the narrative of sacrifice as a description of the work performed by essential workers during a pandemic

Motion 2: THBT large international institutions (e.g. UN & World Bank) should only accept female country delegates
Motion 3: THW allocate the majority of government sports funding to encourage grassroots participation (e.g.: amateur community clubs, after school sports clubs, etc.) rather than invest in achieving success in prestigious competitions (e.g.: intensive coaching academies, player and personnel salaries, etc.)


Motion 1: This House prefers a world where each believer established their own connection to God, rather than establishing one through organised religion

Motion 2: THBT social movements should actively use anger to mobalise support for their cause

Motion 3: THW impose criminal liability on individuals who fail to assist a person in danger, when doing so would not place them at serious risk.


Motion 1: THW not distributed emergency and humanitarian aid through non-state groups linked to terrorism
Motion 2: THBT the West should withdraw their military cooperation from India until they restore special privileges to Kashmiris in the J&K region
Info-slide: There is an ongoing dispute between India, Pakistan, and China over territory in the former federal unit of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).
J&K was the only state in India to have a majority Muslim population, and there has been a longstanding secessionist movement in this state. The Government of India has consistently responded to this with brutal military repression.
Formerly, J&K also enjoyed ‘special status’. They had a separate constitution, flag, and autonomy over internal administration of the state. Only designated permanent residents of J&K could own property, obtain government jobs in the state, receive govt. scholarships, etc.
In late 2019, the Government of India placed major political leaders under house arrest, revoked its special status, and partitioned the state into two territories that the Government of India has direct and complete control over. Non Kashmiris now can buy land and own property, access government positions, etc, effectively ending any special protections for Kashmiris.

THBT states should reclaim a large proportion of all donations to charities and redistribute it across charities on the basis of their effectiveness
Grand final:
Context: You are a talented, middle-class person in your early twenties about to start your career. You have the choice between a job in which you will make a lot of money and work long hours (e.g., investment banker, corporate lawyer, etc.) and a job which pays less but that you are more passionate about (e.g.: social worker, chef, teacher, small business owner, etc).
Motion: THW choose the job they are passionate about

WSDC 2018 – Motions

Note: Wording is second-hand and may be erroneous. Apologies in advance if that is the case.

R1P: This House would require professional sports teams to be owned by their local communities instead of individuals or corporations.
R2P: This House opposes the development of lethal autonomous weapons. (infoslide: Lethal autonomous weapons are a type of autonomous military robot designed to select and attack military targets (people or installations) without intervention by a human operator)
R3I: This House regrets the widespread belief that motherhood is a rewarding experience
R4I: This House believes that states should allow all non-citizen migrant workers to vote in local and national elections
R5P: This House supports a school voucher system.
R6I: This House would not allow sellers and service providers to advertise their products beyond showing information and images that reveal technical product details.
R7P: This House regrets the Belt and Road Initiative.
R8I: This House regrets the rise of call-out culture.

PDOFI: This House believes that democratic states should not own or run media organisations
OFI: This House prefers a world with no belief in the afterlife
QFI: This House believes that foreigners should not be allowed to own land in developing countries
SFI: THBT rehabilitation should be the only consideration in criminal sentencing
GFP: This House believes that the West should end all arms sales and military cooperation with Saudi Arabia


Most likely not a comprehensive collection of videos made of WSDC 2016 debates, but these are the one’s I’ve found. I’m vaguely aware that more were taken, but until they surface here you go. Full credits to the respective uploaders, particularly Argentina Debate, Christian Yeo, George Clay and Indian Students Debates for their larger collections. These are sorted alphabetically by prop (there’s no bias in the listing here, sorry).


WSDC 2016 – Motions

A hopefully comprehensive list of the motions used at WSDC 2016. These have been compiled quite after-the-fact, so there may well be inaccuracies in the spelling or wording, my apologies in advance if this is the case. Feel free to comment if there are errors you notice and I’ll correct them as best as possible.

A preceeding ‘I’ indicates an impromptu motion


WSDC 2016 – Results round-up

Outrounds progression chart

Outrounds progression chart

Visit for the full set of results.

Champion: England
Best ESL Team: Pakistan
Best EFL Team: Denmark
Best New Team: Rwanda

Best Speaker: Eden Blair (Australia)
Best ESL Speaker: Kishen Sivabalan (Malaysia)
Best EFL Speaker: Clara Grønborg Juul (Denmark)
Best New Speaker: Florine Michelle Rombach (Switzerland)


WSDC 2016 – End of Round 4 aggregate results

Based on officially released tab for R1-4, corrections made since previous post, pretty sure of accuracy, though I could always be wrong.

Usual health warnings about this being unofficial and possibly inaccurate.

Final note, the absence of Nigeria means some teams have a bye (indicated with a *) whose results are out of 3 debates rather than 4.

4 wins, 12 ballots: South Africa
4 wins, 11 ballots: Canada, Malaysia, Singapore
4 wins, 10 ballots: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka