Having been greatly interested in filming, TV and the practical production of videos, I began to try my own hand after joining the SIS Media Department in 2008 where I completed a number of brilliant pieces and shows as presenter of the flagship AnalySIS program of SIS TV. I completed an advertisement for INGO Jane Goodall Institute which was premiered in Belgium to great success in 2010. I have since left my role as presenter of Analysis. I have since taken up the role of Webmaster for the Hong Kong Schools Debating Council in April 2010..
Here is a showcase of my work :

Hong Kong Schools Debating Council Website

In April 2010, in the space of 24 hours, I worked tirelessly with a fellow debater to set up which was subsequently launched after that time period. It represents the first official website project done for an external organization although I am currently a member of the Hong Kong Schools Debating Council.
After a hectic summer, the site was relaunched with a new design, look and lots of new content. You can see the semi-official documentation of the realignment on the website as well as the announcement. In a sign of the renewed interest, the site received over 300 views in the span of 2 days.

JGI HK Promo

A promotional video for the Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong by Paul, Mary, Anahita and Gershon. It was premiered in Belgium to great success.

AnalySIS Episode 1

The first episode of AnalySIS with Mr. Weaver

The second episode of AnalySIS with Mr. John Wray

For complete episodes and more about AnalySIS, check out it’s subpage.