10 Things to do if you Finish Exams Early

[tweetmeme source=”@paullaucm” only_single=false]Exams are nearly over, but I thought it might be fun just to put down a few lessons after all those IGCSE exams. You rarely get the chance to finish exams with time to spare… if you’re lucky enough to have the chance, here’s a few things you could do. Take a break from revision and read the list. But be warned, the invigilators are on the look out for any related activity and you are advised to keep these actions outside of the examination hall.

1. Count down to the 15 minute warning

10 minutes to go
10 more minutes
10 minutes remaining

2. Play with your calculator. Try and make the following words

  • randomise (Without using the ‘RANDOM’ button)
  • costandexpenses
  • lady,gaga
  • little,chinese,seamstress
  • igcse,examinations

3. Attempt to talk to your friends without breaking malpractice rules
Hint: It’s impossible. And you shouldn’t even if you could

4. Manicure your hair and nails. Nothing beats the silence in the hall when it comes to discovering concentration and patience.

5. You know how everything you ever revise never actually gets tested in the exam, it’s always what you didn’t revise they seem to care about. Well what about putting all your ‘extra knowledge’ on ‘extra sheets’ for the examiner to read. You’ll probably still get a big red 0 and a U but at least they’ll have had to devote time and effort to marking your paper!

6. If you’re doing any of the above, you should start writing the letter to you parents explaining why you flunked. What else did you expect. You were bored enough with revision to read this. You might as well have expected it.

7. Think up our own list of 10 things to do if you finish exams early.
Disclaimer: This is not what happened and this is not how this list was created.

8. If you are short on revision time for the next exam, highlight the entire table. They tell you not to do it, but at least it would take time to clean up! In reality however, they’re most likely just to get the spare table out. If they do, it means you’ve wasted loads of time and gained no extra revision time at all! That’s the opportunity cost.

9. Ask for an extra sheet (note: DO NOT ASK FOR THE MARK SCHEME) and mark yourself. If you want, you could add little side-notes like “give candidates 3 marks for correct answer. See question 3 of May/June 2006 Mark Scheme” for the examiner to read.

10. Check your answers! How old and cliche… That’s why it makes the list (albeit at number 10)

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for your actions if you decided to actually do any of this! If you get caught and kicked out don’t blame me


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