Linkin Sleep

I was greeted this morning as I woke up by the fabulous click-bait from LinkedIn ‘How to fix your sleep cycle’…
Now how did LinkedIn figure that out?!

Baited I was, and apparently a ‘sleep expert’ Michael Breus wrote a book about four chronotypes (or sleep patterns) people fall under: lions, which you may better know as early birds; wolves, aka night owls; bears, who are in the happy middle and about half the population; and dolphins, who are the troubled sleepers.

I know this probably means we should figure out which of these we are, and then try to adjust our lives to the appropriate cycle, but to be honest my first thought is along the lines of this meme. Another instance of real life catching up with the desirable approach.

Open Justice

Was inspired by a talk today about various things, amongst them photography. Not really much of a photographer, but taking photos is something I occasionally find fun and interesting, and whilst it will take me ages to get to a point where more photos find their way online, I have spontaneously decided to leak the odd image online whilst I have the drive to. This one was the first that caught my eye as I browsed the folders.

This one is from my recent trip to Tokyo, during one of my many walks around the city. It is of the Supreme Court of Japan, which I realised only after consulting my map. The imposing seemingly impenetrable grey building composed of many slabs struck me as quite a juxtaposition to the idea of open justice. For some reason it reminded me of a prison, what with the character-less flat face, jagged edges and grey monotonous colour. To be clear, I’m sure it has a normal entrance that is inviting and befitting of the concept, I just didn’t chance upon it given the route I took and having already decided to make my way to the National Diet Library.