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Top Posts of the Year 2012

Another year, and a rather busy year, and the world hasn’t ended. So time permitting, PaulLau.com can continue. I haven’t quite managed to post once a day, but somehow I think reality is going to put a damper on that idea either way. There were as many views in 2012 as there have been since this blog started in October 2009. We also had the best day so far with nearly 2,000 views January Here’s a look back at the top posts of 2012.

1. WUDC 2012 Tab and [RESULTS]
Once the prize of WSDC related posts, it seems that WUDC has managed to claim the first position this year. A lot of interest in this post, particularly at the end of 2012 with WUDC 2013 Berlin happening at the same time.

2. WUDC 2012 [MOTIONS]
I’ve stopped posting event details, but I still think motions are incredibly useful both for recording purposes and for other people to use as a reference.

3. WSDC 2012 Team Tab by Speaks [RESULTS]
WSDC sneaking back into the picture here. An interesting post given the unconventional nature of the way of sorting teams. Some interesting ingishts could nevertheless be gleaned though.

4. WUDC 2012 Grand Final Video
A very strong Grand Final performance by all the teams involved. Well recomended!

5. WSDC 2012 Top 10 Speakers
6. WSDC 2012 [MOTIONS]
7. WSDC 2012 Round-up [RESULTS]
8. WSDC 2012 Final Team Rankings
9. WSDC 2012 Grand Final [RESULTS]
10. Exams

WUDC 2012 – Results and tab

It seems there is finally a digital copy of the WUDC 2012 Tab, courtesy of Art Ward and hosted by Colm Flynn through Window’s Sky Drive.

Overall Tabs
Overall Team Tab
ESL Team Tab
EFL Team Tab

Speaker Tabs
Overall Speaker Tab
ESL Speaker Tab
EFL Speaker Tab

Thanks to http://globaldebateblog.blogspot.com/ for brining this to everyone’s attention.

[VIDEO] WUDC 2012 Championship Dinner Video

Another slick, well done video from DLSU Worlds University Debating Championships 2012

In my opinion, the first one was better, but then again, it was an impossibly high bar to reach and this one did an amazing job of reaching that elusive goal. Well done to the WUDC 2012 video team.

Results for WUDC 2012

Main Break

Champion: Monash B (Kiran Iyer and Amit Golder)

  • Monash B
  • Oxford B
  • Stanford A
  • Sydney B
Best Speakers:
  1. Ben Woolgar (Oxford A)
  2. Steph Bell (Oxford B)
  3. Steve Wittington (Victoria Wellington A)
  4. Paul Karp (Sydney A)
  5. Hugh Burns (Oxford A)
  6. Michael Baer (Stanford A)
  7. Pat Cadwell (Sydney A)
  8. Udayan Mukherjee (Victoria Wellington A)
  9. Chris Bisset (Monash C)
  10. Catherine Murphy (TCD Phil B)


WUDC 2011

The 2011 World Universities Debating Championships have ended at a military barrack in Botswana which, due to the lack of internet access, meant that live streaming of the Grand Final was not possible. The Grand Final featured teams from some of the top debating universities in the world and some notable names. The teams were:

  • OG: Monash A (1) – Victor Finkel & Fiona Prowse
  • OO: Oxford A (6) – Ben Woolgar & Hugh Burns
  • CG: Sydney A (2) – Tim Mooney & Bronwyn Cowell
  • CO: LSE A (24) – Anser Aftab & John Ashbourne

In the end, by a unanimous decision, Monash A were crowned Champion. Victor Finkel was Best Speaker of the Tournament. Fiona Prowse ranked as third best speaker.
Hong Kong debaters will remember both from HKPDS Summer Workshop. Fiona taught in 2007 and 2008 while Victor taught in 2009. In-fact, my first BP experience was under Fiona in 2007.
My sincere congratulations to Fiona & Victor.

See the WUDC 2011 Round-up at HKSDC for a full list of all results and motions.

Grand Final Video

Credits to Alfred ‘Tuna’ Snider