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It has been nearly three years since I started blogging here. It has been, for me, an amazing journey, what with over 140,000 views and nearly 700 posts so far. From the original intent of being a collection of my opinions, this blog has grown to become a key source of debating news as I began to attend international level competitions. In many ways, this blog has evolved like me, as I moved half-way around the world to attend UWC Atlantic College, a whole new set of posts about those experiences sprang up.

At times, I’ve found the blog a little bit too messy for my liking, too hard to find exactly what I’m interested at that moment, a little too much content without it all being nicely sorted and easy to access. Inspired by Dennis G Campbell during the AC Arts Festival 2012 and with all the time in the world on my hands now during summer, I’ve done a little spring cleaning and updated the blog. Here is 4.0.

Top Posts of the Year 2011

2011 is coming to a close, and has grown another year older, 27 months and counting. There have been over 88,700 views since this blog began in October 2009, and over 550 posts (recall just 12 months ago, that number stood at a little over 180) which means that the “Posting at least once every week in 2011” commitment became more of a ‘Posting once a day’. It’s been an amazing year in terms of the blog, nearly 66,000 views just this year. So here’s a look back at the top posts of 2011.

1. WSDC 2011 – Team Lists [1st all time]
Part of the WSDC 2011 series, the posts resided in sidebar of for over 8 months in the run-up to WSDC 2011 in Dundee, listing the team members attending WSDC 2011, at least those I could find.

2. Fire at UWC Atlantic College [2nd all time]
Other than debating, this was undoubtedly the second biggest story of the blog this year. I started this post 2 hours after the incident itself and continued updating it as a running summary of the situation.

3. TOK Essay – May 2012 [3rd all time]
Let’s just say this has not been the highlight of my Christmas holiday.

4. Fire at UWC Atlantic College – Photo Set 1 [4th all time]
The first images of the aftermath of the fire. Incidentally, April 14th was the busiest day on the blog with just under 1,300 views in just 24 hours.

5. [RESULTS] LSE Open 2011 [Tab]
A tournament I attended with David as my debating partner, joined by other Team Wales member Cat and Sarah. An amazing experience and my first peek into university level debating. You can read about what happened in my de-facto diary entry 1, 2 and see how Team Wales fared.

6. WSDC 2011 – Official World Rankings
Also part of the WSDC 2011 series, the official world rankings followed my earlier, and rather more controversial, post with my own calculations (which were quite accurate, even if I say so myself)

7. AC IB Results 2011
A good year for AC and some good results all together for my dear second years. Sadly, that puts the bar quite high for the UWC AC class of 2012.

8. [RESULTS] WSDC 2011 – Round-up
The ultimate summary of my final high-school tournament – WSDC 2011 – before I left the high-school debating scene. An amazing tournament and some unforgettable memories. Thank you to everyone.

9. Fire @UWC Atlantic College – Photo Set 2
The second set of photos regarding the Sunley fire, this time with my own photos.

10. SCMP – Profile: Chris Lee (IS) IGCSE Top of the World
A not so original post, but an article that did catch my eye, and clearly attracted quite a bit of attention too.

Honorary Mentions

I think it is worth noting at this point that although only 3 WSDC 2011 related posts were found in the top 10, and only 4 debating related posts, the next 10 posts are exclusively debating related, 8 of which are WSDC 2011 related as well. August 2011 was also the most popular month for with nearly 14,000 views. A final thought: isn’t it interesting that Team Singapore, Team Canada and Team England come in as top posts on their own?

11. WSDC 2011 – Team Singapore
12. WSDC 2011 – Media Guide [UPDATED]
13. WSDC 2012 – Prepared Motions [UPDATED]
14. [RESULTS] WSDC 2011 – Round 1 & 2
15. WSDC 2011 – Team Canada
16. [RESULTS] WSDC 2011 – Break, Round 7 & 8
17. WSDC 2011 – Team England
18. [RESULTS] WSDC 2011 – Round 5 & 6
19. ASDC 2011 – Participating Institutions
20. WIDPSC 2011 – Grand Final [RESULTS] + Analysis

New Website: British Political Speech

While lots has been done on the debating front to record debates and to have them featured online, mostly in video formats, a new website has cropped up aiming to record Political speeches as opposed to full blown debates. While the American political system has certainly bloomed with youtube videos of gaffes and $0 ads being featured online, the British news and media has been far more behind with only the recent elections resulting in a hung parliament starting to draw comparisons to the US system.

Hopefully with the British Political Speech academic research project, the British Political system will liven up and help to hold British politicians to their own words, especially when heard only by a select few. has been created as part of an academic research project, archiving political speeches (at present many are leaders’ speeches to party conference, the oldest from 1895.

The long-term goal of the site is to raise interest in, and understanding of political speech and rhetoric, especially among academics, politicians and political commentators; to promote discussion about what makes a good or a bad speech and what might make British political rhetoric better.

Users can leave comments on the speeches, perhaps recollections of seeing them delivered or critical comment about their form and content.

There is also a facility allowing people to ‘donate’ speeches so that the archive can become a truly comprehensive record of the many modes of British Political Speech.

Please make use of the site and feel free to forward information about it.

Many thanks

Dr. Alan Finlayson
Swansea University
twitter: @britpolspeech 3.0

[tweetmeme source=”@paullaucm” only_single=false]Today, reaches a new chapter in its life. There is a new visual look and all the pages have been updated with new information. This is the 3rd generation of after having gone through a second major revision recently.

In much the same way, my life is also undergoing a major revision with a version 3.0 soon to reappear. After Canada and Hong Kong, I’m now moving to the UK to further my high-school studies.

I am told that the internet connection and access in Southern Wales is poor. Despite this, will not die off. In fact, it will be an even greater unifying force. Though there will be fewer posts, a more personal dimension documentation my experience will join the current array of debating and general commentary on news issues of the time.

Happy Blogging,
Paul Lau (Website Owner, Creator & Subject)

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