La Salle and SIS to compete in Grand Final

From in《The Student Standard》21 April, 2010

La Salle and SIS to compete in Grand Final

The finalists for the 25th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition have now been confirmed after South Island School and La Salle College beat their opponents in the semi-finals stage last Saturday.

  La Salle College and South Island School will enter the Grand Final of the competition on May 4 after triumphant victories over their opponents during the semi-finals stage held at Ying Wah College last Saturday.

  Both teams will enter the English Section of the Grand Final – to be held at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Wan Chai, on May 4 – to fight for the coveted title of the best English debating team in Hong Kong.

  The Hong Kong government’s policies were taken apart by the students in these semi-final debates. First up were La Salle College and Marymount Secondary School debating whether the government should relax the income limit for the Home Ownership Scheme (HOS).


Sing Tao 2010 – Grand Final

2 teams remain standing after months of preparation, debates and speeches in the 25th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition. After 3 rounds, the quarter finals and the semi final competitions, the teams that will progress into the Grand Final have been decided.

In the Semi Finals held today, La Salle College beat Marymount Secondary School on the motion ‘The government should relax the income limit for the Home Ownership Scheme’ 3-0 with Griffith Cheng snatching the Best Speaker award. South Island School beat Diocesan Boys School 2-1 on the motion that ‘The extension of repayment for the Non-means Tested Loan Scheme does more good than harm’. Paul Lau of SIS was the Best Speaker

This means the grand finals of the 25th Sing Tao Debating Competition will be between La Salle College and South Island School. La Salle will attempt to defend their title with the second consecutive championship, a feat completed only by 4 other schools. South Island School will attempt to become only the second team to win it 3 times in 5 years with exactly 1 year between each championship.

Affirmative : South Island School
Opposition : La Salle College

Grand Final

Grand Final Draw

Grand Final Tickets

This years Grand Final will again be held at Queen Elizabeth Stadium on the Tuesday 4th May, 2010. Interested parties can get tickets for the Grand Finals in the following methods.


Debating the decisions

From in《The Student Standard》15 April, 2010

Debating the decisions

The quarter-final of the 25th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition was held on 27 March. Eight schools’ debating teams gathered at Raimondi College to fight for a semi-final place.

MARYMOUNT Secondary School and La Salle College were the first two schools to book their place in the semi-finals. The early session of debates developed into heated battles with Diocesan Girls’ losing out to Marymount Secondary School. The two schools went head-to-head on the motion ‘The government’s decision not to go ahead with the reconstruction project on Wing Lee Street does more good than harm’.

Right after that, La Salle College knocked out St Paul’s College when the schools debated the motion ‘The government should impose a mandatory annual medical check-up for professional drivers’.

In the second session, South Island School came out on top against Stewards Pooi Kei College, followed by Diocesan Boys’ School winning a hard-earned victory against Good Hope School when they argued the affirmative side of the motion ‘Hong Kong should establish a competition law’.

South Island School and Stewards Pooi Kei College debated the motion ‘Government allocation of land for private universities development brings more good than harm’ resulting in a brilliant and engaging performance.

The teams demonstrated excellent logical thinking skills as well as superior debating skills. Although Stewards Pooi Kei College, the opposition team, cited a great number of local and overseas examples, the affirmative team managed to fend off their articulate arguments with quick responses, brilliant interrogative skills and straight-to-the-point attacks.


Sing Tao 2010 – Semi Final

After 4 months of hard work and 4 rounds of debates in that period of time, the field of teams fro the 25th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition has been whittled down to just 4 teams.

Marymount Secondary School hope to make history with their first Grand Final appearance in recent times. La Salle College will try to make history repeat itself with their 2nd Grand Final appearance in as many years. If they succeed, South Island School will make their 3rd Grand Final appearance in 5 years. Not to be outdone, Diocesan Boys School who won the Chinese Section last year, will hope to repeat the feat this year in the English section.

The Sing Tao Draw

The decision as to who makes the Grand Final will fall onto the hands of yet unknown adjudicators. What we do know is that on 17th April 2010 the 4 teams will face-off at Ying Wa Girls School. The details of the 2 contest are :


Sing Tao 2010: Semi-Final Pairing

After two months of battling through a field of almost 60 teams, the 25th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition has be whittled down to 4 teams who are still in the running for the cash prize, the championship amongst other awards. This following the quarter-finals at Raimondi College.

The winners are highlighted in BOLD

Group A : Diocesan Girls School vs. Marymount Secondary School
Group B : La Salle College vs. St. Paul’s College
Group C : South Island School vs. Stewards Pooi Kei College
Group D : Good Hope School vs. Diocesan Boys School

The Semi-Finals are as follows

Semi-Final 1 : Marymount Secondary School vs. La Sallee College
Semi-Final 2 : South Island School vs. Diocesan Boys School

The winner of the semi-final will progress to the grand final.


We all have our own special speaking styles. A friend of mine was unique amongst us. During our spare time, us bored out friends compiled the following Chaktionary, the first every comprehensive list of our HOly one. Understandably, the chaktionary contains parts of his name, see if you can guess these.

Kongmunism – Communism
Kongmunist – Communist
Awwstralia – Australia
Kongatition – Politician
Homocracy – Democracy
Ho, Ho, Ho – Welcome to Awwstralia
The Divine Hoder – The Divine Leader
Awwsome – Description of our divine hoder
Hovernment – Government
HOly Bible – Holy Bible
HOly – Holy
Kongly – Holy
Chakniversity – University
Chakformation Hommunication Kongnology – Information Communication Technology
Hook – The look of intelligence when you do not actually understand what is being communicated
King Kong – HO Chak Kong, our divine hoder

WordPress Craze

Ever since I first started blogging on WordPress way back in October last year, we have seen wordpress begin to snake its way through the community with WEUer on and Heather Pickerell joining the blogsphere.

More recently however, I have seen what I can only describe as a ‘WordPress Craze’

First there was fellow debater and SISer Tiffany Chung’s new blog titled ‘Tiffany Chung’s Blog’. She’s known to have a lot to say and way too many opinions, so maybe this may spare our ears.

Then there came another debater, this time from Queens College Hong Kong, as Benjamin So launched his blog ‘Put into Perspective’. The self described

epitome of the typical Asian student – Chinese, bookish, arrogant, ignorant and career-minded.

During WSDC itself, I helped the gaffe loving ‘funny’ guy to set up a blog of his own after he saw mine. from Michael Nauta himself provides a Namibian perspective that looks to shake things up and provide a good humorous time.

Happy Blogging Guys! Best of Luck!

SDIOP – Review

The school has never done it before, at least not in the 5 years that I’ve been at SIS, and I have no idea why the school suddenly decided to do so, perhaps it has to do with IB or maybe it’s to do with the CIS/WASC accreditation the school desperately wants. Regardless of the motivation, the school finalized the ‘School Development, Improvement and Operation Strategic Plan 2009-2010’ in September 09.

A few words about its creation:
A very brief draft had been shown to Student Council ONCE before and demanded that all copies be returned at the very same meeting which means no-one knew how it has changed since then. Those in the School Council, even the student representative not only refuse to give details, they are bound by some kind of contract to stay mute under a gag-order.

The fact that it was finalized during the summer holidays at the start of the school year means that Student Council wasn’t consulted on the final version. Surprise!

I received a copy of the SDIOP from Mr. Wray after sending my request in. Here is a summary of the proposal and a sign of where SIS’s development will go.

  • Student population will remain at 1,400 for the time being
  • The school is “not yet ready to take that (MYP) decision although the developments are largely aligned with the approach of MYP”
  • More cross-curriculum links amongst subjects and across years
  • An integrated Humanities program to be introduced for year 7’s starting next school year
  • 1,250,000 maximum for development of creative subjects within curriculum over the next 3 years
  • 200,000 for training and planning of new IB language courses to begin teaching in 2011-2012 academic year
  • All students with few exceptions to focus on one language from year 9 with possibility of extending this to year 7 or 8
  • New ‘Moodle’ learning platform at piloted in Maths, English, LF and DT to be completed by 2011-2012
  • Release of Moodle in Spring 2012
  • Increased international education links with China and HK schools and possibly African, French and Spanish schools in 2012-2012
  • Consideration and review of early entry, fast track and pre IB courses for certain students
  • Online school calendar arrangements finalized
  • “Extended student representation and leadership on school consultative groups”
  • CIS/WASC accreditation in March 2012
  • 300,000 for staff leadership development
  • Staffing costs increase 1 million per year with no new staffing changes
  • A possible new building costing 60 million or more to be decided by the School Council this year
  • New public announcement scheme installed in 2009-2010
  • Learning at SIS sent 3 times a year
  • New annual report published yearly
  • Atrium strategy approved by School Council in December 2009

Appendix D – IB Diploma Results 2009

The strange and quirky results reporting I noted in a previous post was once again, suspiciously repeated at the end of the SDIOP. Once again, the comparative results were left out

Verdict – Skim

Philippines Debating

It’s been quite a while since ASDC 2009 during the September 2009. However, in the run-up to WSDC 2010, a few videos have popped up on me. Firstly, I have located the official ASDC video as well as the Philippines Trip Summary from Qatar, which unsurprisingly is riddled with photos of Hong Kong, Qatar and Indonesian teams. Secondly, with the recent announcement of DLSU’s WUDC 2010 bid, the official bid video has also been announced.

See you in Qatar!

Student Council Forum

From Mr. J Wray,

Message to all students from the Chair of the Student Council
Dear All,

The Student Council Forum is an avenue for student voice within the school. Rather than only feeding back to your year representatives and the Student Council, you can post on the forum and have a direct input on decisions that affect you and your experience at school. The forum is a method of increasing student voice in the school by fostering more communication and collaboration within the student body.
It is split in to specific sections for the Whole School, Senior School, Middle School and Year 7. Post your own topics or discuss existing topics that relate to positive aspects of your school life, things you wish to improve or just general discussion. You should give reasons for your opinions.
The forum can be found at by clicking on the footprint icon.

To use the forum, you must log in with your school e-mail username (e.g. 11doej1). Your password will be your birthdate in the form DDMMYY (e.g. 120697) unless the first digit of the password is 0 in which case it becomes 60697 for 6th June 1997.

This means that all posts in the forum are made in your name. By using the forum, you are agreeing to use the forum in a useful and responsible way and that your comments are mature and disciplined.

This means that:
• Messages should not be malicious or offend. No profanity should be used, and each post should be respectful towards other members of the school community.
• Personal disagreements are discouraged and should not be conducted through the forum
• Items discussed should pertain primarily to Student Voice and School issues

All forums are moderated by the Student Council and inappropriate use of the forum will be reported and followed up on.

Please make full use of the forum as it is an extremely useful tool to express and discuss your opinions!

Best Regards,

Aneri Shah
on behalf of
The Student Council

My personal summary of the forum as it is is this

“Say what you like but if we don’t like it, it will get removed and you will be held responsible”