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Top Posts of the Year 2012

Another year, and a rather busy year, and the world hasn’t ended. So time permitting, can continue. I haven’t quite managed to post once a day, but somehow I think reality is going to put a damper on that idea either way. There were as many views in 2012 as there have been since this blog started in October 2009. We also had the best day so far with nearly 2,000 views January Here’s a look back at the top posts of 2012.

1. WUDC 2012 Tab and [RESULTS]
Once the prize of WSDC related posts, it seems that WUDC has managed to claim the first position this year. A lot of interest in this post, particularly at the end of 2012 with WUDC 2013 Berlin happening at the same time.

2. WUDC 2012 [MOTIONS]
I’ve stopped posting event details, but I still think motions are incredibly useful both for recording purposes and for other people to use as a reference.

3. WSDC 2012 Team Tab by Speaks [RESULTS]
WSDC sneaking back into the picture here. An interesting post given the unconventional nature of the way of sorting teams. Some interesting ingishts could nevertheless be gleaned though.

4. WUDC 2012 Grand Final Video
A very strong Grand Final performance by all the teams involved. Well recomended!

5. WSDC 2012 Top 10 Speakers
6. WSDC 2012 [MOTIONS]
7. WSDC 2012 Round-up [RESULTS]
8. WSDC 2012 Final Team Rankings
9. WSDC 2012 Grand Final [RESULTS]
10. Exams

Sing Tao 2012: Semi-Final Results, Grand Final Match-up

Yesterday saw the semi-finals of the 2011-2012 Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition hosted at St. Joseph’s College. Diocesan Girls’ School (Affirmative) defeated Diocesan Boys’ School on the motion that ‘The Hong Kong government should amend the Marriage Ordinance to give transsexuals the right to marry.’ La Salle College successfully opposed St. Paul’s Co-Educational College on the motion that ‘Recruiting mainland athletes to compete for Hong Kong does more good than harm to Hong Kong’s sporting development’. Both DGS and LSC won by 3 votes to 1.

This means that the Grand Final, on the 12th of May, will be contested between LSC and DGS. Both schools have a history in the Sing Tao competition, being the two of just 3 schools that have won the Sing Tao in the last 6 editions. With South Island School winning in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011; DGS won in 2007 and LSC in 2009. I am pretty sure that both teams will feature members of the Hong Kong Debate Team, Natalie So from DGS and Ben Allen from LSC. DGS have won the Sing Tao 6 times; in 1987, 1989, back to back in 1996 and 1997 as well as in 2002 and 2007. However, La Salle does have the more recent success in 2009 as well as winning the Senior HKSDC tournament in September last year and again in February earlier this year.

It looks to be a tight competition with two well accomplished teams facing off. I myself sadly won’t be able to attend the Grand Final, but I look forward to the DVD when it does come out.

Sing Tao 2011 Competition DVD

As is the case every year, it is now possible to purchase the annual Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition DVD. In the past, this has included the Grand Final debates, interviews with the Champions and some comments by the judges. This year, it appears that the DVD will include clips of the semi-finals although it is yet unclear how extensive their inclusion will be. If the entirety of the two semi-finals are included, that will make the DVD considerably longer. That said, it may make the deal a whole lot sweeter.

From the Sing Tao Website:
The DVDs feature the semi-final and grand final competitions of the English and Chinese champion teams at the 26th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition. The discs also include useful comments from renowned judges Prof. Arthur Li and Prof. Ma Ngok.

Available until the 26th of July, you can purchase a copy of what is officially called the “Debate and Liberal Studies II” DVDs by filling in the form seen below and presenting a designated coupon printed in the “Sing Tao Daily” newspaper along with HKD $28.

The form and further details can be found at Sadly, only a Chinese version is available.

Defending champions triumph again

From in《The Student Standard》26 May, 2011
Written by Jonathan Chong

South Island School beat Chinese International School to emerge victorious at the 26th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition (English Section) last Friday

THE Grand Final of the inter-school debating competition was held at Queen Elizabeth Stadium (伊利沙伯體育館) on May 20. The motion for the day was: ‘The MTR should withdraw the Fare Adjustment Mechanism’. The defending champions, South Island School (南島中學), were in favour, whereas Chinese International School (漢基國際學校) were against the motion.

  Tiffany Chung, the captain of South Island School, confidently strode up to the front of the stage in her black high-heeled shoes like a high-powered businesswoman and asked the audience, “How many of you took the MTR coming here today?” She was loud, forceful and jabbed her finger at the audience like an irate schoolmaster dealing with a naughty schoolboy.

We are the champions

From in《The Student Standard》22 May, 2008
Written by Wendy Wong

South Island School reclaims debating crown in exciting final, writes Wendy Wong
THE applause and cheers of than 1,500 students, teachers and parents were part of the reward as South Island School (SIS 南島中學) fulfilled its dream of recapturing the English debating crown it lost last year.

  South Island defeated Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary School (SGSS筲箕灣官立中學) in the Grand Final of the 23rd Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition on May 16. Victory was doubly sweet because the team’s first speaker Paul Lau (劉俊文) – at 13 the youngest participant in the tournament – was named the competition’s best debater.

  Sixty schools took part in the annual tournament which was spread over five months. South Island said it was very happy to have won again.

  ”We feel great as it’s a really good and tough competition to win,” said Prakash Sanker, the team captain.

Dark horse pulls off an emphatic win

From in《The Student Standard》12 May, 2006

AFTER nearly six months of cut-and-thrust debating, the ultimate winner of the 21st Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition finally triumphed in the grand final on 5 May.

Rather a dark horse until the middle of this year’s championship, South Island School (SIS) crushed the dreams of Ying Wa Girls’ School, last year’s 1st runner-up, to triumph in the 2006 championship after the two-time defending champion St. Joseph’s College, Hong Kong was knocked out in the preliminary round.

And the 2011 Sing Tao champion is…

And the Sing Tao champion is…

South Island School once again emerged victorious in the Grand Final of the 26th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition, successfully defending their crown whilst also taking home the Best Speaker prize that eluded the team last year.

Proposing the motion that ‘the MTR should withdraw the Fare Adjustment Mechanism’, the South Island School debate team was lead by Captain Tiffany Chung, the only remaining member from SIS’s victorious team just one year earlier. Joining her on stage were two of last year’s floor speakers, Pavan Hegde and Saharsha Karki.