Let the refreshing begin!

Tonight/Today/This morning/This afternoon is the time when hundreds of people will be quietly sat around their computer with their finger over the refresh button as they await the release of IB examination results for May 2012. Results are retrieved online with different schools having different release times. Interestingly, some students have been notified by their school of their results, which seems to suggest that schools have already had access to the results of their candidates.

Global statistics have been released by the IBO (see here). Notably, “On average, Diploma students scored 29.83 with 109 achieving the maximum score of 45 points.”

LSE Schools 2011 [MOTIONS]

Motions for the 2011 Schools Competition hosted by the London School of Economics and Political Science. The CA was Lewis Iwu.

R1: THW allow neither state or private schools to be religious in any way
R2: THW force football clubs to hold a binding poll of their fans on important issues that would affect the club
R3: THBT governments should not prosecute vigilantes that use any means necessary as a way of fighting crime in cities with an extremely high crime rate
R4: THW require companies to have half of their boards comprised of women
GF: THBT all liberal democracies should halt all aid and trade with Saudi Arabia until it liberalises significantly

The competition was won by St Paul’s A composed of Rahul Dev and Joe Levin. Joe Levin was also awarded Best Speaker at the competition.

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