The 97%

HK Magazine isn’t usually of the sort of material that one wants to share on a serious blog. But they usually have some very nice features, and this week’s feature on Hong Kong’s Glass Recycling System is one of those well thought out and well researched articles that is worth spreading. Let’s do something about the 97% of glass that isn’t recycled, go check out the full article at

To share our concern about Hong Kong’s underdeveloped glass recycling infrastructure, as well as to fulfill our social responsibility as a media organization, HK Magazine has created a digital petition with the goal of urging the Environmental Protection Department to set up a glass recycling bin on SoHo’s Bridges Street. If you want to show your support, simply visit and complete the form. The petition will last for 10 weeks from Aug 29, and the number of signatures we have collected will be revealed at the end of that period.