WSDC 2016: Prepared Motions

THW require democratic states to hold a national referendum to ratify any free trade agreements
THBT the Obama Administration’s foreign policy has done more harm than good
THBT technology companies with significant market shares should not be eligible for patent protection
THBT, after meeting their basic needs, individuals have a moral responsibility to donate their wealth towards poverty alleviation

GF: THBT states should be allowed to pay other states to relocate and settle refugees

Motion Committee: Aisha Ahmad (Pakistan), Anna England Kerr (England), Daniel Swain (Australia), Georgie Barker (Scotland), Kaspar Kelder (Estonia), Paidamwoyo Mangondo (South Africa), Udayan Mukherjee (New Zealand)



Our dashing convenor - Benson Lam (CUHK)

Our dashing convenor – Benson Lam (CUHK)

The Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society’s Summer Workshop 2015 has recently concluded. For me personally HKPDS has now gone full circle from 07′-09′ as a participant, to 12′ and 15′ as assistant trainer and trainer. Excellent improvements in the short span of one week from all the participants of course, and really glad I could see it happen.

Grand Finals

Champion: Sex Dream with Victoria (Victoria Liu, Victoria Yang)
Best Speaker in Grand Final: Victoria Yang (Sex Dream with Victoria)
Grand Finalists: Muito Bem (Sam Lin, Fong Cheok Wang), Did We Just Knife Them? (Mackenzie Tsw, Alba Zhu), Sex Dream With Mindy (Vienna Zhu, Anna Shao)

Public Speaking

Champion: Bakhita Fung
1st Runner-up: Karina Poon

Best Speakers

Rank Name Team Points
1 Victor Yang Two Young Too Simple 78.57
2= Liu Chuxuan Sex Dream with Victoria 78.42
2= Raymond Huang Sex Dream With Anna 78.42
4= Anita Carroll Scottish Independence 78.28
4= Yang Yaqing Sex Dream with Victoria 78.28
6 Xiao Mingmei Bidou 78.14
7 Margarita Ma Sex Dream With Anna 78
8= Andre Pannu Scottish Independence 77.71
8= Catherine Guo Two Young Too Simple 77.71
10 Trevor Chow Pretentious Lionfish 77.57


AdjCore: Samuel Chan, Holmes Chan, Wen-yu Weng and Vincent Chiang
See EDCHK for full list including infoslides (indicated by *)


WSDC 2015: Prepared Motions

R1: THW ban the use of zero-hour contracts
R2: THW require defendants in criminal trials to be represented exclusively by public defenders
R3: TH supports academic tracking in primary and secondary education
R5: THBT cities with significant immigrant populations should actively break up ethnic enclaves
GF: THBT governments should provide a guaranteed Universal Basic Income

Motion Committee: Charlie Morris (England – Chairman), Branislav Fečko-Čegiň (Slovakia – Vice-Chairman), Hayah Eichler (Israel), Daniel de Kadt (South Africa), Cindi Timmons (United States), Vernie Oliveiro (Singapore), Samuel Myat San (Singapore), Joshua Park (Korea) and Claire Ryan (New Zealand).


Motions for the 2013 Asian Schools Debating Championships hosted by Claret School of Quezon City in the Philippines from 15 May to 21 May. The Chief Adjudicators were Dino de Leon, Syed Saddiq, LP, Shamalie Madhu Jayatunge, and Ratib Ali.

Round 1: Politics and governance
THW make the salary of politicians equal to the per capita income of the country
THBT believes that corporations should not be allowed to contribute to campaigns
THW prefer a technocratic autocracy over a populist democracy

Round 2: Religion
THW compel religious adoption agencies to accept capable LGBT parents
THBT Free Speech should include the right to offend religions
THW remove all legal and economic privileges granted to religious organizations

Round 3: Finance and Economics
THW break up the big banks
THBT home countries should not penalize is citizens/corporations for bribery in foreign states
THBT multinational corporations have a duty to maintain a strong presence (majority of their industry) in their home countries

Oxford Women’s Open 2013 [MOTIONS]

The Baillie Gifford Oxford Women’s Open 2013 was CAed by Anat Shapira, Leela Koenig and Tasha Rachman.

R1: THW ban religious street preachers in the public sphere
R2: THBT The US Should Give South Korea Independent Control Over A Nuclear Arsenal
R3: TH, as a professional female athlete, would not pose in a sexualised manner for magazines and commercials
R4: In areas where hostage taking is a tactic, THBT soldiers, whose unit mate is about to be captured, should be required to kill their unit mate
R5: THW subsidise art that glorifies the working class
SF: In newly democratised nations, THW limit voting rights to those who have completed secondary education.
GF: TH as a feminist, would not join the army

Oxford Schools Debating Tournament 2013 – Finals Day [MOTIONS]

The Tournament was CAed by Hasan Dindjer and Stephanie Bell.

R1: THW Grant An Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants
R2: THW Remove Patent Protection On Life-Saving Drugs In Low Income Countries
R3: THW Place Significant Decisions On Environmental Protection In The Hands Of Scientific Experts Rather Than Democratic Bodies
R4: THW Require All Religions To Allow Women To Ascend To Their Highest Ranks
GF: TH Opposes The Funding And Arming Of The Syrian Rebels By Western Nations

LSE Open 2013 [MOTIONS]

Motions for the 2013 LSE Open. The Chief Adjudicator was Jonathan Leader Maynar, who as joined by DCAs Leela Koenig and Christine Simpson.

R1: THBT western liberal democracies should institute bans on their citizens visiting illiberal states whose economies depend on tourism
R2: THW require prospective owners or large shareholders of sport clubs/teams to gain majority support from season ticket holders or other representatives of the fan base to complete their acquisition
R3: THW make conscription a war crime
R4: THW require close relatives of the homeless to pay their welfare costs to the extent that they can afford to do so
R5: THW allocate state funding for the arts exclusively to new and original work, and never to reproductions of ‘great works’ or other old plays, opera, music, films or art
QF: THBT the International Criminal Court should focus on indicting and prosecuting larger numbers of middle-to-low ranking suspects for war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide, rather than smaller numbers of high ranking suspects
SF: THBT the civil and criminal legal system has no business considering or regulating behaviour that exclusively occurs in online virtual worlds such as ‘Second Life’
GF: THW support policies of ‘ever increasing political union’ – i.e. progressive political integration aimed at the distant goal of federal unification – amongst members of the League of Arab States

ESL GF: THW allow pro-life organisations to offer to pay women considering abortions to carry the baby to term (assuming adequate child support services exist)