WUDC 2012 – Results and tab

It seems there is finally a digital copy of the WUDC 2012 Tab, courtesy of Art Ward and hosted by Colm Flynn through Window’s Sky Drive.

Overall Tabs
Overall Team Tab
ESL Team Tab
EFL Team Tab

Speaker Tabs
Overall Speaker Tab
ESL Speaker Tab
EFL Speaker Tab

Thanks to for brining this to everyone’s attention.

[VIDEO] WUDC 2012 Championship Dinner Video

Another slick, well done video from DLSU Worlds University Debating Championships 2012

In my opinion, the first one was better, but then again, it was an impossibly high bar to reach and this one did an amazing job of reaching that elusive goal. Well done to the WUDC 2012 video team.

Results for WUDC 2012

Main Break

Champion: Monash B (Kiran Iyer and Amit Golder)

  • Monash B
  • Oxford B
  • Stanford A
  • Sydney B
Best Speakers:
  1. Ben Woolgar (Oxford A)
  2. Steph Bell (Oxford B)
  3. Steve Wittington (Victoria Wellington A)
  4. Paul Karp (Sydney A)
  5. Hugh Burns (Oxford A)
  6. Michael Baer (Stanford A)
  7. Pat Cadwell (Sydney A)
  8. Udayan Mukherjee (Victoria Wellington A)
  9. Chris Bisset (Monash C)
  10. Catherine Murphy (TCD Phil B)


Debating Archive: ASDC 2010 [MOTIONS]

While I was packing for my long journey to the UK, I stumbled upon a trove of old debating notes with some interesting artifacts. One of them, featured below the list of motions used at the Asian Schools Debating Championships 2010 in Manila, Philippines.

R1: Why Can’t We Be Friends?
THW not allow women to discriminate sperm donors based on ethnicity
THW abolish single sex schools
TH supports the registration of child sex offenders who have already served their full sentence

R2: Culpability
THW charge parents of children who commit suicide with negligence
THW allow victims of climate change to sue polluting countries
THW prosecute HIV/AIDS patients who have unprotected sex without telling their partners

ASDC 2010 Results

Although the 2010 Asian Schools Debating Championships concluded on the 11th of September, it has taken the organizing committee nearly a week to finally release the results, and even so, they cannot be found publicly. Thankfully, I’ve managed to get my hands on the results of the 2nd ASDC held in Manila, Phillipines.

Hosted by the La Salle Debate Society of the De La Salle University, the competition brought together debaters from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Notably, this year no team from Hong Kong attended. The competition composed of two parts; the team debating competition and the public speaking contest. The debating competition included seven preliminary rounds, octofinals, quarterfinals, semifinals and the Grand Finals. The public speaking contest featured only an elimination round and finals round as per ASDC 2009.

Much like last year, three social events were held (Opening Dinner, Break Night Party and Championship Dinner.) In particular, during the break night party, participants were treated to their own private party complete with Mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) and a DJ at the 21st Floor of the Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall.

No results currently exist regarding the break and no news at all has been posted on the ASDC 2010 website. However, we are aware that the final was a showdown between Ateneo de Manila High School (ADMHS 2) of the Philippines and Daewon Foreign Language School (DAEWON 1) of South Korea. On the motion that “THBT governments should not be allowed to own media companies”, ADMHS 2 emerged victorious in a 6-5 split decision. Jeewon Yoo (DAEWON 1) won both Best Speaker awards (of the tournament and of the Grand FInals).

Daewon Foreign Language School also won the rights to host the 3rd ASDC (ASDC 2011) over Claret School of Quezon City (Philippines) during the first Asian High School Council Meeting. While ASDC 2009 was faced with a number of issues and questions, whether these issue were address at the Council Meeting or whether they have sorted themselves out, no public announcement has been made.

ASDC 2010

[tweetmeme source=”@paullaucm” only_single=false]Not to be mixed up with the African Schools Debating Championships, the Asian Schools Debating Championships organized by De La Salle University have recently opened their invitation to participants.
I was part of a 9 member team that attended ASDC 2009 which despite the long, lengthy waiting, was an exceptional debating experience with as many debates as possible crammed into a day.

In keeping with the purpose of the ‘ASIAN’ Schools Debating Championships, amongst the only webpage completed at their website was the organizers plans for the ‘ASIAN HIGH SCHOOLS DEBATE COUNCIL’ ( which sets out further details. Perhaps after having strongly established ASDC as an important event, DLSU can begin to aid in the process of having the competition tour asia on a yearly basis, thereby expanding its reach and bringing different countries to the field.

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From the organizers