TEDxLionRock 2012

Following the GEILI Youth Summit, GEILI also hosted TEDxLionRock 2012. What was particularly cool was that it was hosted with the help of 14 other TEDx organizers. I was quite surprised to learn that TEDxFulbright existed as it is a non-geographical and non-institutional TEDx event. I wonder if TEDxUWC or TEDxRhodes could similarly exist. Here are just a few of the interesting ideas/facts/tidbits I picked up over the course of the day.

  • Marriage can be a highly effective solution to the problem of high-school drop outs with no intention of studying. [Ashok Rathod of Oscar Foundation]
  • By tracking the eye and what it focuses on, it might be possible to detect autism at a much younger age. [Chong Ying Wang]
  • Toilets can also be used as an income source for families as they waste can be sold as fertilizer and other useful products. Thus, the more trips to the toilet you make, the more money you earn! [Angeli]
  • There exists an entirely Chinese community in northern-Thailand. [Armstrong Siu]

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GEILI Youth Summit 2012

The Global Exchange in Leadership Initiatives (GEILI) held a two day Youth Summit at Li Po Chun UWC, Hong Kong, earlier last month. The summit was intended to be an avenue for GEILI fellows, leaders of various social projects around the world, to exchange and share their experiences with others. The event consisted mostly of workshops and presentations by some very interesting people. The other bits in-between were, in all honesty, a little disappointing, as was the rather chaotic organization. However, that shouldn’t detract too much from the fact that there were some very interesting people with some really cool stories. Here are a selection of those stories, ideas and presentations.

UWC Principal changes

The 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 academic years will be a time of change at the top of a number of United World Colleges around the world. UWC Atlantic College, UWC Adriatic, Li Po Chun UWC, UWC Maastricht and UWC Mahindra College all had their principal depart. A not-up-to-date list of current ‘College/School Heads’ can be found at the UWC website.

A summary of the changes:

  • UWC Atlantic College: Mr. John Walmsley (from Sidcot School, UK) replaces Mr. Neil Richards
  • UWC Adriatic: Mr. Peter Howe (to UWC Maastricht) leaves, Mr. Mike Price will be Acting Head until a new principal is selected
  • UWC Maastricht: Mr. Peter Howe (from UWC Adriatic) replaces Dr. Geoffrey Fisher (to the Antwerp International School)
  • UWC Mahindra College: Dr. Jonathan Long (to Woodstock School, India), the new principal is being recruited
  • Li Po Chun UWC: Mr. Arnett Edwards (from KGV, HK) replaces Dr. Stephen Codrington (to The Awty International School, Houston, Texas, USA)

Details below: