A wise owl: Judge Wesley E. Brown (Age – 103)

When I first read the title of this New York Time feature, I couldn’t believe what it was that I was reading. An federal judge in the US, still in court and hearing cases at the ripe age of 103. He even pokes fun at his own age by saying “At this age, I’m not even buying green bananas.” He needs an oxygen tube during hearings and even reminds lawyers that he might not live to see the cases completed. And yet, day in day out, Judge Brown remains in court as a federal judge. Indeed, if he survives, he will be the oldest practicing federal judge in the history of the United States in less than a year.

His dedication and persistance is stunning. It really shows that when you do something meaningful and something that you love, you’ll eventually do it for as long as you can. That love and committment to something you believe in is a valuable lesson we can all learn from Judge Brown.