Chinese to film Interrogations

[tweetmeme source=”@paullaucm” only_single=false] China has recently announced it will start the practice of filming interrogations. Sadly, this will occur on the smallest of scales. Only 5 Beijing prisons will have such recordings although the prison bureau was smart enough to prohibit police for interrogating or conversing with prisoners in areas not covered by surveillance cameras.

It was aid to be aimed at ‘deterring illegal treatment of prisoners as well as attempts by prisoners to frame police’. Given China’s historical record, I suspect it will be used for the later rather than the former. Indeed, given China’s record, you might suspect that this new rule might not even be followed.

Nevertheless, the fact that this new practice has been introduced is a good step, an indication that at least officially, the government agrees interrogations should not be violent. Lets now hope that it works; at the end of the day, changes have to come from within not from the outside.