Photography a child from every country on earth. All in New York City.

Here at AC, we often talk about the fact that we have numerous countries, cultures and ideologies represented, all on campus. The phrase ‘melting pot’ is often used. We personally experience this diversity in views, opinions and culture every day in our lives here at AC.

In much the same way, photographer Danny Goldfield, is trying to capture the essence of this melting pot in the way he best represents them, photos. His NYChildren series attempts to “Photography a child from every country on earth. All in New York City.”

The stunning thing about this project is that it is so democratic and open. Fitting with the modern era of social media, but also making use of the media and word-of-mouth advertising to find subjects to be photographed. “A lot of other socially conscious art projects show atrocity,” Goldfield says, “but this is something that touches people in a profound way, and it’s positive.”

Check out for more information or Danny’s website at

Right now, he is missing another 24 countries. An updated list can be found at

The Criteria for participation are

  1. Permission from a parent or guardian
  2. Child is twelve years old or younger. (Youngest so far is thirty-four days old)
  3. Currently live in one of the five boroughs of New York City: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or Staten Island.
  4. The child was born in a country on the List of remaining countries OR both parents were born in a country on the list
  5. The first family to meet the criteria is invited to participate