Our dashing convenor - Benson Lam (CUHK)

Our dashing convenor – Benson Lam (CUHK)

The Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society’s Summer Workshop 2015 has recently concluded. For me personally HKPDS has now gone full circle from 07′-09′ as a participant, to 12′ and 15′ as assistant trainer and trainer. Excellent improvements in the short span of one week from all the participants of course, and really glad I could see it happen.

Grand Finals

Champion: Sex Dream with Victoria (Victoria Liu, Victoria Yang)
Best Speaker in Grand Final: Victoria Yang (Sex Dream with Victoria)
Grand Finalists: Muito Bem (Sam Lin, Fong Cheok Wang), Did We Just Knife Them? (Mackenzie Tsw, Alba Zhu), Sex Dream With Mindy (Vienna Zhu, Anna Shao)

Public Speaking

Champion: Bakhita Fung
1st Runner-up: Karina Poon

Best Speakers

Rank Name Team Points
1 Victor Yang Two Young Too Simple 78.57
2= Liu Chuxuan Sex Dream with Victoria 78.42
2= Raymond Huang Sex Dream With Anna 78.42
4= Anita Carroll Scottish Independence 78.28
4= Yang Yaqing Sex Dream with Victoria 78.28
6 Xiao Mingmei Bidou 78.14
7 Margarita Ma Sex Dream With Anna 78
8= Andre Pannu Scottish Independence 77.71
8= Catherine Guo Two Young Too Simple 77.71
10 Trevor Chow Pretentious Lionfish 77.57


AdjCore: Samuel Chan, Holmes Chan, Wen-yu Weng and Vincent Chiang
See EDCHK for full list including infoslides (indicated by *)


Results for HKPDS SW 2012

The Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society Summer Workshop 2012 concluded earlier today at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The 7 day event began with training workshops in the British Parliamentary format with coaches from Canada, USA, the Netherlands and China. 16 teams broke to the quarter-finals after 7 rounds of debates.

The Grand Final saw two teams from Hangzhou Foreign Languages School, China in the upper house with composite teams from Ying Wa, Island School, SPCC and DGS in the lower house. The four Grand Final teams, whom broke 1st, 3rd, 5th and 10th debated the motion that THW get rid of all national borders.

Champion: Ryan Tang and Jessica Yung (Team Draco Malfoy)
Grand Finalists: Team WOW! (Will Zhang, Elizabeth Hu), Team Lisabeth (Bon Bong, Brian Wong) and Team Fiona’s Illegit Baby (Fiona Zhang, Johnny Chen)
Best Speaker of the Grand Final: Ryan Tang


WUDC 2011

The 2011 World Universities Debating Championships have ended at a military barrack in Botswana which, due to the lack of internet access, meant that live streaming of the Grand Final was not possible. The Grand Final featured teams from some of the top debating universities in the world and some notable names. The teams were:

  • OG: Monash A (1) – Victor Finkel & Fiona Prowse
  • OO: Oxford A (6) – Ben Woolgar & Hugh Burns
  • CG: Sydney A (2) – Tim Mooney & Bronwyn Cowell
  • CO: LSE A (24) – Anser Aftab & John Ashbourne

In the end, by a unanimous decision, Monash A were crowned Champion. Victor Finkel was Best Speaker of the Tournament. Fiona Prowse ranked as third best speaker.
Hong Kong debaters will remember both from HKPDS Summer Workshop. Fiona taught in 2007 and 2008 while Victor taught in 2009. In-fact, my first BP experience was under Fiona in 2007.
My sincere congratulations to Fiona & Victor.

See the WUDC 2011 Round-up at HKSDC for a full list of all results and motions.

Grand Final Video

Credits to Alfred ‘Tuna’ Snider

HKPDS SW 2010 – Results

[tweetmeme source=”@paullaucm” only_single=false]Beginning in 2005, the Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society Summer Workshop has been amongst the few if not only British Parliamentary debating competitions for secondary schools in Hong Kong. Despite difficulties in organization of this years summer workshop, particularly in the area of financial support, a major outcry from participants led organizers to reconsider and reorganize this year at a smaller scale. Entering its 6th year, the competition continues to attract the best students and debaters.

With a smaller faculty, many experienced debaters turned up to help in the role of trainees. It mean that the field of debaters were mostly new to British Parliamentary and made the HKPDS cup more competitive than in previous years with a more even field. This does mean however that this years records cannot be compared to those of previous years.

Special thanks and congratulations must be given to the organizing committee who did a remarkable job of pulling together various parties to ensure that HKPDS SW 2010 was able to continue. They rightfully received a standing ovation. With our full support behind HKPDS, lets how that the event will be able to continue as usual next year.

Government Bench

Government Bench

Motion : THW offer immunity from prosecution to dictators who give up power and retire from politics

Champions – Hang Seng School of Commerce : Clarence Shen and Kristy Wong
Runner-ups – Mix 8 : Lawrence Lo (STGSS) and Max Leung (HSSC)
Runner-ups – Mix 13 : Collin Ross (IS) and Jiali Li (Hangzhou Foreign Language School)
Runner-ups – Mix 3 : Brian Ng (DBS) and Fernanda Lai (DGS)

Public Speaking
Champion – Arthur Chung : Pen
Runner-up – Hogan Wai : Stopwatch
Runner-up – Fernanda Lai : Vitasoy

HKPDS Top Speaker

Best Speaker - Fernanda Lai

Top 10 speakers

  1. Fernanda Lai – 466
  2. Justin Lee – 463 – STC
  3. Dorathy Lui – 463
  4. Kristy Wong – 457 – HSSC
  5. Jason Wong – 455 – STC
  6. Jaili Li – 455
  7. Brian Ng – 455 – DBS
  8. Thomas Yip – 454 – LPC
  9. Janice Pau – 454
  10. Matthew Murchie – 452 – SJC
  11. Lawrence Lo – 452 – STGSS
  12. Chan See Ho – 452 – Ramondi
  13. Vincent Chung – 452 – Ramondi

Loke Wing Fatt
Meredith Prior
Omar Salahuddin
Ravi Dutta
Sharmila Parmanand



Annette Chau
Calvin Chui
Catherine Song
Eric Lun
Felix Tang
Geoffrey (Biffo) Liew
Griffith Cheng
Tiffany Chung

HKPDS SW 2010 – Grand Final

[tweetmeme source=”@paullaucm” only_single=false]UPDATE: HKPDS SW 2010 – Results

The Grand Final of the 2010 Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society Summer Workshop 2010 will be held at the HSBC Main Building on the 18th July.

HKPDS 2009

With the majority of past participants excluded from this years workshop, part of HKPDS’s focus on newer debaters, it is almost certain that a new champions will emerge.
All debaters, parents and enthusiasts are invited to attend. See details below. Remember to bring the invitation. The organizers haven’t said that it is a requirement, but who wants to take the risk?

Dear all,

The Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society (HKPDS) proudly presents its annual flagship event – Grand Finals of HKPDS Summer Workshop 2010, where participants will compete for the prestigious HKPDS Cup under the adjudication of renowned overseas trainers! Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the most exciting debate in HK!

Brief info of the events as follow:
Date: 18th July, 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 2:00 – 6:00pm
Venue: Level 28, HSBC Main Building, 1 Queen’s Road Central, HK

Please RSVP at so we can make sure there’ll be sufficient seats to accommodate everyone!

Please find attached the invitation card for further details. Remember to print out the invitation card and bring it with you for entrance!

Looking forward to meeting you all on Jul18!

Kind regards,
Helen & Phoebe
Grand Final Directors
The Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society


There was quite a bit of disappointment when it was announced that HKPDS SW 2010 was to be canceled. However, following public outcry, the organizers attempted to resurrect the competition on a smaller scale with success.

HKPDS SW 2010 is back on!

It will cost HKD $800 but will not include accommodation. Participants will have to make the daily trip to CUHK thanks to the MTR.

This years trainers will include Mr. Loke Wing Fatt – founder of The Society for Associated Inter-tertiary Debaters (SAID), Ravi Dutta – Grand-Finalist of the World Universities Debating Championships (2009) and Sharmila Parmanand – three –time champion and best speaker of the Asian Universities Debate Championship

HKPDS SW 2010 will go from 14th July to 18th July. You can find more information at

HKPDS SW 2010 Canceled

UPDATE : From individuals intimately involved with the organization of HKPDS, it has been decided that the HKPDS Summer Workshop 2010 will again be run, albeit on a smaller scale.

One of the most popular debating workshops in Hong Kong is the annual Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society (HKPDS) Summer Workshop. However sadly, it appears that HKPDS Summer Workshop 2010 will not be held this year due to funding problems.
From the organizers at HKPDS posted on Facebook :

Dear all,

I realize many of you have been waiting excitedly for the announcements regarding HKPDSSW 2010. There has been a buzz even on facebook as we have noticed many of you clearing that time in July and asking people to be partners.

It is with much regret then, that I must inform you that HKPDSSW 2010 will not be happening. Various concerns have meant that the marquee event of HKPDS is infeasible this year. This is not to say that HKPDS will never again be able to hold a SW, indeed I can assure you that we are looking at 2011 to make a return if possible.

Until then, keep debating.

To my knowledge, there are a number of alternative summer debating courses being planned and in the work by other organizations. I will post further details here as it comes in.
Hopefully we will be able to attend HKPDS SW 2011.