10 Greasemonkey Scripts to enhance web browsing

Last time, I looked at 10 Greasemonkey Scripts to enhance Google after considering useful Firefox addons. However, there are a long list of other web services that we use other than Google. Here’s a list of 5 other scripts for greasemonkey to enhance web browsing from Userscripts and Userstyles.

Watch links to videos without having to open a whole new tab

Removes ads, allows downloading and resizing videos, displaying all comments on video page and more

YouTube Autobuffer
Buffers the video without autoplaying, removes in-video ads, and puts it in HD if available

Bigger YouTube
Make YouTube’s video player bigger for easier viewing

Facebook Ads
Remove the annoying Facebook ads on the side

URL Expander
Expand the helpfully shortened URLs

Hotmail Enhancer
Enhance Hotmail by removing ads and more

Expand Twitter Follow’s list
Expands the list of the users a person is following to include their name along with the avatar

Wide Twitter
Use the entire width of your browser in Twitter

Google Tahoma
Use Tahoma in Google


10 Greasemonkey Scripts to enhance Google

We all use google on a regular basis whether we like it or not. But the company isn’t always able to integrate other services without compromising commercial interests. Even the wonderful firefox addons I looked at last time don’t do everything we want. Thankfully Userscripts and Userstyles provides javascript to customize the look and feel of various google services. Here’s a list of 10 good scripts that should be used in conjunction with greasemonkey.

Add twitter results when searching google

Super iGoogle
A minimalist iGoogle interface saving screen space to fit more content in

iGoogle Transparent Header
Compact the content and create a transparent header so your eyes don’t hurt

Google Products
Take advantage of all of Google’s services without having to stray from Google’s homepage

Gmail Mac Theme
Use a Mac OS X theme with Gmail

Gmail Ads
Remove the annoying ads in gmail and read emails in a wider panel

Google Reader Mac Theme
Google Reader with a Mac OS X theme

Google Reader Mac Theme Refined
The refined addition of Google Reader’s Mac OS X Theme

Google Book Downloader
Download google books thanks to this script

For Google Reader, I would also suggest Helvetireader at and this simple layout.