Finals 2014

Final Honour Schools, the last set of exams that an Oxford undergraduate has to sit, have started already and are still ongoing, leading to many sights like these (albeit with far worse weather). FHS are notorious for being just difficult, in many cases the absence of mid-degree exams (ie. no exams in 2nd year of a 3 year degree) means that FHS exams can consist of some 8-9 separate 3 hour papers over the course of just over a week and a bit.

Walking around the city, it’s sometimes worrying how stressed some Finalists (those who have FHS exams at the end of the year) can appear. The worst bit is the thought that it’s where I’ll be in a years time…

Let the refreshing begin!

Tonight/Today/This morning/This afternoon is the time when hundreds of people will be quietly sat around their computer with their finger over the refresh button as they await the release of IB examination results for May 2012. Results are retrieved online with different schools having different release times. Interestingly, some students have been notified by their school of their results, which seems to suggest that schools have already had access to the results of their candidates.

Global statistics have been released by the IBO (see here). Notably, “On average, Diploma students scored 29.83 with 109 achieving the maximum score of 45 points.”