We all have our own special speaking styles. A friend of mine was unique amongst us. During our spare time, us bored out friends compiled the following Chaktionary, the first every comprehensive list of our HOly one. Understandably, the chaktionary contains parts of his name, see if you can guess these.

Kongmunism – Communism
Kongmunist – Communist
Awwstralia – Australia
Kongatition – Politician
Homocracy – Democracy
Ho, Ho, Ho – Welcome to Awwstralia
The Divine Hoder – The Divine Leader
Awwsome – Description of our divine hoder
Hovernment – Government
HOly Bible – Holy Bible
HOly – Holy
Kongly – Holy
Chakniversity – University
Chakformation Hommunication Kongnology – Information Communication Technology
Hook – The look of intelligence when you do not actually understand what is being communicated
King Kong – HO Chak Kong, our divine hoder