Debating Archive: ASDC 2009 Public Speaking Topics

While I’ve been sorting the remains of two years at UWC Atlantic College, or at least that which I have brought back to Hong Kong, I’ve also been sorting through old notes and files which is where I stumbled upon this list of topics used at the inaugural Asian Schools Debating Championships 2009 in Manila, Philippines.

The Grand Finals were incidentally won by Prakash Sanker from South Island School (HK)

What’s more heart breaking, debate or love?
Which adjudication core member would you date?
How to loose a girl in 10 days
Should life partner be debate partner?
Should we deny non-tax paying citizens the right to love?
Why girl is better than whip
Why is chocolate a better boy food
I kissed a gay and I liked it


Debating Archive: ASDC 2009 [MOTIONS]

While I was packing for my long journey to the UK, I stumbled upon a trove of old debating notes with some interesting artifacts. One of them, featured below the list of motions used at the inaugural Asian Schools Debating Championships 2009 in Manila, Philippines.

TH supports the usage of torture for suspected terrorists.

THW allow schools to punish students by conducting public caning
THW ban the sale of junk food in schools
THBT teachers’ pay should be based on their students’ performance

Philippines Debating

It’s been quite a while since ASDC 2009 during the September 2009. However, in the run-up to WSDC 2010, a few videos have popped up on me. Firstly, I have located the official ASDC video as well as the Philippines Trip Summary from Qatar, which unsurprisingly is riddled with photos of Hong Kong, Qatar and Indonesian teams. Secondly, with the recent announcement of DLSU’s WUDC 2010 bid, the official bid video has also been announced.

See you in Qatar!

Top Posts of the Year: 2009

It’s been a relatively short year for this blog, but it has nevertheless been a fruitful one with nearly 40 posts in a short 2 months period. Here’s a round up of the top posts of 2009.

1. IB Results

SIS had its first batch of IB students completing their exams and the results of this was released sparsely with only certain staff members insisting that they were wonderful. However, in an ironic twist, the school carefully choose to exclude a number of important statistics of comparison.

2. Principal Interviews

With the announcement that Mr. Wray was due to go to another school, the process of selecting a new principal began. Ultimately, Mr. Graham Silverthorne was selected. You can read his bio here.


2009: The Year

Aretha Franklin's Hat

Aretha Franklin's Hat

The decade has ended, so too has 2009. Here’s a roundup of how it went. From political triumph and failure to sporting tragedy and comebacks. Of course we said our fair share of farewells and both sad and fond memories of special anniversaries.


Climate Change: Global Drowning in Brokenhagen

The world had high expectations. But once again, the world was disappointed by bickering and selfishness amongst national leaders. Copenhagen was intended to hammer out an intentional consensus to solving Climate Change. Even before it began, the conspiracy effort to lower expectations and allow nations to skive off requirements began.

First was the questionable time of events of ClimateGate. Admittedly, the emails raised considerable questions. The fact that such phrases were ever used calls for the scientists to review their actions. But a few dubious emails don’t sustain a denial. The few emails that were stolen don’t suddenly overturn the thousands of pages of evidence that shows Climate Change is real and present. In the wider picture, it is still painfully clear that Climate Change is real and that we need to do something about it.Even the political arm of the White House tried to shy away from the issue by scheduling Obama’s appearance at an unimportant time before the realities of the world forced him to make a prime-time visit that created both failure and success.