WSDC 2016 – Results round-up

Outrounds progression chart

Outrounds progression chart

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Champion: England
Best ESL Team: Pakistan
Best EFL Team: Denmark
Best New Team: Rwanda

Best Speaker: Eden Blair (Australia)
Best ESL Speaker: Kishen Sivabalan (Malaysia)
Best EFL Speaker: Clara Grønborg Juul (Denmark)
Best New Speaker: Florine Michelle Rombach (Switzerland)



WSDC 2016 – End of Round 4 aggregate results

Based on officially released tab for R1-4, corrections made since previous post, pretty sure of accuracy, though I could always be wrong.

Usual health warnings about this being unofficial and possibly inaccurate.

Final note, the absence of Nigeria means some teams have a bye (indicated with a *) whose results are out of 3 debates rather than 4.

4 wins, 12 ballots: South Africa
4 wins, 11 ballots: Canada, Malaysia, Singapore
4 wins, 10 ballots: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka

AWSDC 2016

Once is a mistake, twice a coincidence, three times is a pattern.

And so I am back from what is now a biennial visit to Bangkok for a debating competition (think TWSDC 2012, WSDC 2014, now AWSDC 2016). It has and remains a lot of fun, and I’m just glad I am still in a position to take part.

Grand Final Panel: Jazlina Sutanto (C), Allison Jong,Natt Thitaree Lapanaphan, Ronit Sinha, Colin Wu, Deborah Wong, JD, Paul Lau, Meghal Perera, Jainah, Leomar Doctolero
Champion: ISDS (by 6-5 split)
Grand Finalist: DDI 2
SF: DDI 2 5-0 Anglo 1; ISDS 3-2 SASDB Senior 1
QF: DDI 2 > SASDB Junior, SASDB Senior 1 2-1 TNT Pool; ISDS 201 DDI 1; Anglo 1 2-1 ACJC 1
Pre-QF: SASDB Junior advance 2-1; Anglo 1, DDI 1 and TNT Pool advance 3-0
Novice Champion: RC 2
Novice GF: LC 2