As part of the relaunch of SIS TV, run by the South Island School Media Department, an investigative program was launched. I have since left my post as presenter of AnalySIS as I have left South Island School. Best of luck to the new group of students taking over AnalySIS. However, you can still see the first two episodes in which I worked on.

Episode 1 : Mr. Matthew Weaver

After numerous meetings, planning sessions and organization, the first episode of the flagship program titled AnalySIS was filmed in 2009. After a vigorous, difficult and time-consuming post-production process, the first episode of AnalySIS was launched on 6th February 2010. Here is the full interview with Mr. Matthew Weaver :

Episode 2 : Mr. John Wray

Our second episode featured Mr. John Wray, then Principal of South Island School, who had announced he would be leaving after a 9 year tenure. The interview was taped on the 25th Feb 2010 and you can see the trailer as well as the interview below.


You can see other SIS TV productions at our YouTube Channel.
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