I first began tabbing (the calculation of debate scores) at an inter-school debate competition with little knowledge and absolutely no experience. Indeed almost all of the tabbing was done manually using a calculator during the First ESF Inter-School Debating Competition.

I repeated my role as tabbing director at the Second ESF Inter-School Debating Competition where my tabbing software used Numbers 2008 thankfully with a few manual calculations.

I was invited to be the tabbing director of the First STAND Debate Championship 2009 @SIS. Here is the final tab. Congratulations to Queens College and Benjamin So for their victory. Sincere apologies to HKIS, HSSC and all participants for the tabbing errors.

Following that competition, I put my tab through the development phase again and generated the latest, version 4 of the tabulator.

You can download all previous versions and development versions of Tabulator at our area on GoogleCode.

The Tabulator was part of HKSDC’s list of tabbing softwares with the following description :

Developed by Hong Kong’s own Paul Lau on the back of the ESF Junior Tournaments in 2007, Tabulator is the only mac native tabulator of any sort. Updated after every tournament it is used in, Tabulator has a clear interface but works best with people already familiar with tabbing. It is the easiest to use when it comes to pure calculation of scores. However its simplicity makes it a strenuous task if you wish to generate a draw based on the earlier results. With a fully functioning WSDC 3-on-3 version currently available, a British Parliamentary version reportedly in the works.

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