Despite my high level of commitments within the classroom, I participate in a wide range of extra curricular activities and have a wide range of interest that I pursue to varying degrees.


Starting with a stroke of luck in 2006, I proceeded from debating within school to stepping on what was essentially the biggest stage for debating in Hong Kong, the Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition. This subsequently led to my involvement in Hong Kong Model United Nations as well as various Public Speaking Competitions. However, my forte ultimately lay in debating as was evident when I successfully ranked 5th in the World for debating during the World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships 2009 held in Reading, UK. In 2010, I went one step further and was selected to be in the Hong Kong Team to represent the city-state at the premier World Schools Debating Championships 2010 in Doha, Qatar. I subsequently returned to the World Schools Debating Championships 2011 in Dundee, Scotland as a member of the Wales Debate Team where I was ranked 17th in individual rankings in the world.


Having been greatly interested in filming, TV, social media, the internet and the practical production of videos, I began to try my own hand after joining the SIS Media Department in 2008 where I completed a number of successful pieces and became the presenter of the flagship AnalySIS program of SIS TV. I have since worked on 2 projects. The first being an advertisement for INGO Jane Goodall Institute which was premiered in Belgium. The second is my role as Webmaster for the Hong Kong Schools Debating Council. This blog has been a helpful and continual extension of that interest.


Since a young age, I’ve been an active athlete, albeit not necessarily successful, with endeavors into numerous sports including diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, gymnastics and more conventional sports such as tennis, badminton and basketball. In recent years, a lack of time has limited my activities to swimming and running and most recently with exams approaching, I have trained solely in running. Since I started running, I have been involved in numerous races, mainly of a longer distance, ranging from 5km to a current maximum of 10km in a Personal Best of 45 min. I intend to continue running both for fitness, personal pursuit and enjoyment.



  1. “Starting with a stroke of luck in 2006, I proceeded from debating within school to stepping on what was essentially
    the biggest stage for debating in Hong Kong, the Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition.”

    What sometimes seems to be a stroke of luck is really the emergence of great natural talent. So spoke the Great Sage Neth.

  2. I *knew* it. It’s just like Paul to use his irritating debating skills to bloat his negligible abilities in other sports like basketball, when you’ve never actually learned it and just played it in PE class or something. Plus you don’t even swim anymore, so that’s a lie.

    It’s also interesting (an infuriating) how you try to incorporate both pride and humbleness into your blog, with the slogan of “a word from the man himself” clashing with your frequent attempts to downplay your achievements, an example being your claiming “satisfactory results” in ICT when you got an #this has been removed by the administrator for privacy reasons#.

    1. I played basketball for a few years at summer training courses. Although admittedly I’m not at all good. Never claimed that though.
      Who actually wants to go around screaming all their results. That is just obnoxious to begin with. There’s also a little something known as privacy.

      1. That’s why I said you used your “irritating debating skills to bloat” your abilities. 😛 By not mentioning actual skill level, you make it seem like you’re an average bball player like those bball people at school.

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