WSDC 2012

The WSDC 2012 series as I recount and report on the World School Debating Championship 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa as a debater, blogger and former HK and Wales national team member.

[VIDEO] WSDC 2012 – Round 3 (HK vs. Singapore)

Frankly, there aren’t many videos featuring Team Hong Kong debating on an international level. Thankfully, Team Singapore is regularly filmed, and so we have, courtesy of Samuel Myat San, this set of videos from WSDC 2012 Round 3, featuring Hong Kong against Singapore. As an impormptu proposition against the defending champions, I say Hong Kong did a reasonable job.

Motion: THW allow single parents in prison to raise their children behind bars {Impromptu}
Proposition: Hong Kong (James Lo, Iris Zhang, Ben Allen, James Lo)
Opposition: Singapore (Benjamin Mak Jia Ming, Darion Hotan, Teoh Ren Jie, Benjamin Mak Jia Ming)
Result: Singapore beat Hong Kong 3-0


WSDC 2012 – Round-up

[MOTIONS] WSDC 2012 – Motions
[RESULTS] WSDC 2012 – Team Tab
[RESULTS] WSDC 2012 – Final Team Ranking

Champion: Scotland
Runners-up: Wales
Best Speaker: Teoh Ren Jie (Singapore)
Best ESL Team: Greece
Best EFL Team: Lithuania
Best New Team: Swaziland

Best speaker results below:

WSDC 2012 – Top 10 Speakers

I’m still waiting for the WSDC organizers to upload the full speaker tab along with EFl and ESL best speakers. Since I’m not attending WSDC 2012, I wasn’t able to get any info from the closing ceremony when these awards are usually given out. Nevertheless, facebook and twitter have combined to give us the top 10 speakers who were awarded during the closing ceremony.

It should be noted that Teoh Ren Jie wins the Best Speaker award for the second year in a row, after ranking top at WSDC 2011. Those who recieved a Best Speaker ranking at WSDC 2011 are noted below.

  • 1. Teoh Ren Jie (Singapore) {Ranked 1st at WSDC 2011}
  • 2. Sam Collier (England)
  • 3. Alfie Hinchliffe (Scotland) {Ranked 27th at WSDC 2011}
  • 4. Michael Macklin (South Africa) {Ranked 16th at WSDC 2011}
  • 5. Natasha Rachman (England)
  • 6. Akshay Kishan Karia (England) {Ranked 12th at WSDC 2011}
  • 7. Ned Lis-Clarke (Australia) {Ranked 9th at WSDC 2011}
  • 8. Ben Goldstein (England)
  • 9. Darion Hotan (Singapore)
  • 10. Bo Seo (Australia) {Ranked joint 5th at WSDC 2011}

A compilation from facebook and Revaldi N. Wirabuana. Many thanks!

WSDC 2012 – Final Team Ranking

Rank TEAM, Preliminary Wins (of 8), Judge Ballots (of 24), Total speaker points [Final round reached] (Preliminary ranking)
1 SCOTLAND, 7, 19, 6122.5 [GF] (5)
2 WALES, 6, 18, 6088.5 [GF] (7)
3 ENGLAND, 6, 20, 6241.0 [SF] (6)
4 PHILIPPINES, 6, 18, 6005.5 [SF] (8)
5 SINGAPORE, 8, 23, 6233.5 [QF] (1)
6 NEW ZEALAND, 8, 21, 6112.5 [QF] (3)
7 AUSTRALIA, 7, 20, 6151.0 [QF] (4)
8 IRELAND, 5, 16, 6033.5 [QF] (15)
9 SOUTH AFRICA, 8, 21, 6179.5 [OF] (2)
10 CANADA, 6, 17, 6087.5 [OF] (9)
11 INDIA, 6, 17, 6029.0 [OF] (10)
12 LITHUANIA, 6, 17, 5953.5 [OF] (11)
13 GREECE, 6, 16, 6066.0 [OF] (12)
14 MALAYSIA, 6, 15, 5991.5 [OF] (13)
15 HONG KONG, 5, 16, 6127.0 [OF] (14)
16 KOREA, 5, 15, 6104.5 [OF] (16)

WSDC 2012 – Grand Final Results

Motion: TH regrets South Africa’s decision to use the Truth and Reconciliation Commission rather than prosecuting perpetrators of crimes committed under Apartheid
Proposition: Team Wales ~ Amy Jones, David Wigley, Pearce Digby, David Wigley
Opposition: Team Scotland ~ Alfie Hinchliffe, Charlie Holmes, Ruth Cameron, Charlie Holmes

Scotland beat Wales 8-1

This is Scotland’s fourth Championship following 1990, 1999 and 2007. They were previously Runners-up in 1992, 1993, 1995, 1998 and 2001. Team Scotland included three returning members (Alfie Hinchliffe, Charlie Holmes and Ruth Cameron) from WSDC 2011, who were joined by Josh Richards and April Shepherd. It was the three veterns who represented Scotland in the Grand Finals. Scotland broke 5th, with 7 wins and just one loss against South Korea. They had unanimous wins over Greece and 2010 Champions Australia in the octo and quarter finals. Scotland beat this years surprise package, Philippines, 6-2 to progress to the finals.

Team Wales had just one returning member, David Wigley, although this was his 3 return, after attending WSDC 2009, 2010 and 2011. He was joined this year by Helen Price, Amy Jones and Piers Digby. Together, the team broke 7th, with 6 wins and 2 split losses to New Zealand and South Africa, who both won all 8 preliminary rounds. Wales progressed to the semifinals at the expense of India and Ireland. In a reverse of the semifinals of WSDC 2010, Wales beat England to reach the Grand Finals of WSDC 2012. This is Wales’s first ever Grand Final apperance, WSDC 2010’s semifinal apperance, of which David was a part of, being their previous highest ranking.

The Grand Finals was held in St George’s Cathedral, a stunning location and quite a fitting one given the motion. Here are some of the images of the venue that were tweeted:

Massive thanks to Sayeqa Islam, Paidamwoyo Mangondo and Sydney Atkins for live-tweeting the Grand Finals.

WSDC 2012 – Motions

Adj Test: THW make voting compulsory
R1: THW ban alcohol {Impromptu}
R2: THBT newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in elections {Prepared}
R3: THW allow single parents in prison to raise their children behind bars {Impromptu}
R4: THBT developing nations should place limits on internal rural-urban migration {Prepared}
R5: THBT the police should use racial profiling when fighting crime {Impromptu} Defition of racial provided by organizers “the singling out of an individual from a group on the basis of race”
R6: THBT the feminist movement should seek a ban on pornography {Prepared}
R7: THS Child Labour in the Developing World {Impromptu}
R8: THBT states should enshrine legally actionable socio-economic rights {Prepared}
OF: THBT the govt should create special schools that teach in endangered indigenous languages {Impromptu}
QF: THBT Gay rights organizations should out gay public figures {Impromptu}
SF: THS 100% tax on all inherited wealth {Impromptu}
GF: TH regrets South Africa’s decision to use the Truth and Reconciliation Commission rather than prosecuting perpetrators of crimes committed under Apartheid {Prepared}
Reserve: THBT government run broadcasting stations should give airtime to racist political parties {Used between India and Mexico in R5}

WSDC 2012 – SF Results and Grand Final Match-up

Quarterfinal Results
Motion: THS a 100% tax on inhereted wealth {Impromptu}
SF1: Philippines (Proposition – 8) vs. Scotland (Opposition – 5) ~~~ 6-1 Scotland (Opposition) @Kristenbosch Botanical Gardens
== Judging Panel: Steph Dick (C), Kristen Price, Josh Park, Chris Sanchez, Mehvesh Ahmed, Rocio Abril, Dan de Kadt
SF2: England (Proposition – 6) vs. Wales (Opposition – 7) ~~~ 6-1 Team (Opposition) @Kelvin Grove Country Club
== Judging Panel: Seham Areff (C), Chris Bishop, Taimur Bandey, Tracey Lee, Chris Hibbard, Iqbal Hafiedz, Eirianna Kouri
== England: Ben, Sam, Natasha, Ben
== Wales: Amy, David, Piers/Helen, David

Grand Final Match-up
Scotland (5) vs. Wales (7)

Team Scotland will make their 5th Grand Final apperance after 1998 (Runners-up), 1999 (Champions), 2001 (Runners-up) and 2007 (Champions). Scotland were semifinalists in 2010 after breaking 9th and defeating Wales and England in the knock-out rounds.
Team Wales will make history in their first ever Grand Final apperance. Their previous highest ranking came in 2010 where the team (James, David, Sarah, Josephine and Wonga) made it to the semifinals before loosing to England.

Grand Final Match-up by Total Speaker Points Ranking

Scotland (6) vs. Wales (9)

Massive thanks to Sayeqa Islam and Paidamwoyo Mangondo for live-tweeting SF2 and SF1 respectively.

WSDC 2012 – QF Results and SF Match-up

Quarterfinal Results
Motion: THBT Gay rights organizations should out gay public figures {Impromptu}
QF1: Singapore (1) vs. Philippines (8) ~~~ 5-0 Philippines (Opposition)
== Judging Panel: Christopher Bishop (C), Taiumur Bandey, Seham Areff, Iqbal Gafiedz, Eirianna Kouri
QF2: Australia (4) vs. Scotland (5) ~~~ 5-0 Scotland (Opposition)
== Judging Panel: Tracey Lee (C), Beth James, TJ Senamngern, Desley Horton, Tom McLennan
== Australia: Emma, Bo, Tyrone, Bo
QF3: England (6) vs. New Zealand (3) ~~~ 3-2 England (Opposition)
== Judging Panel: Daniel de Kadt (C), Stephanie Dick, Chris Sanchez, Chris Hibbard, Mehvesh Mumtaz Ahmed
== New Zealand: James, Thomas, Nick, Thomas
== England: Akshay, Ben, Sam, Akshay
QF4: Wales (7) vs. Ireland (15) ~~~ 3-2 Wales (Proposition)
== Judging Panel: Joshua Park (C), Kip Oebanda, Irene McGrath, Thng Yi Ren, Kristen Price

3 of the 4 debates were won by the opposition. Not quite an opposition sweep but interesting, especially given that it led to the downfall of a number of traditionally top teams.
3 of the 4 semifinalists are from Great Britain, meaning there is a 50 percent chance the Grand Final will be an all British affair.

Semifinal Match-up
SF1: Philippines (8) vs. Scotland (5)
SF2: England (6) vs. Wales (7)

WSDC 2012 – QF Venues

WSDC 2012 is being hosted at some trulys tunning locations. My personal favorite is the Cape Town Stadium. Although it’s not quite the same as debating on the pitch =] Scotland’s tweet puts things in perspective

Other Quarterfinal venues

1. Western Cape Provincial Parliament

Western Cape Provincial Parliament

Inside the Western Cape Provincial Parliament

2. Cape Town Stadium

3. The Castle of Good Hope

4. Central Methodist Church

WSDC 2012 – Official Photo

The official photo of WSDC 2012, taken at Jameson Plaza at the University of Cape Town. It appears that this photo was taken prior or during the Opening Ceremony, most likely prior.