Cross-pollination at WSDC

Didn’t realise until now (Aug 2021) that this article had been written about WSDC 2016, the last time I physically attended. But I get a little shout-out, and it points to an interesting feature in how experience in different circuits can feed into each other. Then again, the UK and the US as meeting points for lots of former ‘best in their country’ is maybe another reflection of the inevitable anglo-american domination of things.


Hong Kong Debaters Win on Points

When Team England—a variegated group of articulate high school students – won a stirring victory against 54 competitors at the World Schools Debating Championship in Stuttgart, Germany two weeks ago, defeating Canada in the final, Hong Kong played a surprising role in the win.

Both of the past two Team Englands have had one or more speakers who lived in the territory for significant periods of time and went to local schools.

Indeed this is far from the first time that debaters with connections to Hong Kong have competed for other nations. In 2015 two members of Team England had gone to school at one point in Hong Kong, while in 2011 Paul Lau, a debater from Hong Kong who now plays a major role in assembling the draw for the competition, spoke for Team Wales, the nation where his boarding school was located.