The small things

It’s the small things that matter, and its these things we’re least likely to remember or realise. Not sure how one can make sure they always remember these little things, that’s probably an ask too much, but at least we can be understanding and more conscious of these.

I was sat there in a cafe having my chicken fillet and rice when an elderly lady on the table behind me loudly complained to one of the staff.

– Has the spaghetti been cooked?
– Yes, it’s meant to be ‘bounce teeth’ (think this means al dente in English)
– NO! You haven’t cooked it at all, it’s still raw!

It was a pretty innocuous, maybe 20 second, exchange. But I think it stuck in part because I had a similar situation on a recent trip to an Italian restaurant while on holiday with the grands.

Although I gave the same resolution to make sure the pasta is boiled more soft next time… I’m honestly not sure I would even remember before hand. So I guess understanding and in the moment cognisance is all we can ask for.