Too Privileged

This post number two following the earlier one titled ‘Privilege‘, hence the pun in the title, on something that has been bothering me for a long while. This isn’t aimed at anyone or any group, mostly just a personal reflection/struggle.

Still struggle to put this all into words, but thankfully The Broad Experience has nicely encapsulated it in this podcast.

The Broad Experience – Episode 94:

A not 100% accurate transcript:, though I think the differences sometimes add an element to the message.

It has many names – class, poshness, wealth, upbringing, culture, nationality – but it can easily present problems for people. I was conscious of this before (what with my years in the UK), but this has become more stark for me having started work recently. It is heartening to see the issue be written and spoken of so eloquently and with perspective. I loved every moment of this podcast.

Of course, I am already one of the luckier ones, and I could not begin to imagine how difficult this might be for those less privileged than myself. I have struggled with whether to even talk about this, conscious of the advantages I have had. But the fact that there are other people facing greater difficulties should not prevent us from noting our own struggles. So long as we remain cognizance and maintain perspective with the challenges of others.

A perfect meritocracy free of any classification is understandably impractical. But that has never been a good reason not to try to reduce the impact of these differences and bridging these gaps.

The image is from my trip to Seoul this summer. The experience isn’t very relevant, but I thought the figure reflected the sometimes unsteady, searching nature of the issue described above.