Most likely not a comprehensive collection of videos made of WSDC 2016 debates, but these are the one’s I’ve found. I’m vaguely aware that more were taken, but until they surface here you go. Full credits to the respective uploaders, particularly Argentina Debate, Christian Yeo, George Clay and Indian Students Debates for their larger collections. These are sorted alphabetically by prop (there’s no bias in the listing here, sorry).

GF (England v Canada):
OF (India v New Zealand):
OF (Singapore v Denmark):
PDO (Mexico v India):
PDO (Thailand v Singapore):
PDO (Wales v Peru):
R8 (India v Pakistan):
R8 (Indonesia v Wales):
R8 (Singapore v Canada):
R7 (Germany v Argentina):
R7 (Taiwan v India):
R7 (Wales v Barbados):
R6 (Argentina v Wales):
R6 (India v Kuwait):
R6 (Montenegro v Singapore):
R5 (Qatar v Argentina):
R5 (Singapore v Netherlands):
R5 (South Africa v India):
R5 (Wales v Estonia):
R4 (Peru v Wales):
R4 (South Korea v India):
R3 (Argentina v Kuwait):
R3 (Croatia v Singapore):
R3 (India v Philippines):
R2 (Germany v India):
R1 (India v Turkey):
R1 (Japan v Wales):
R1 (South Korea v Singapore):


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