WSDC 2016 – Motions

A hopefully comprehensive list of the motions used at WSDC 2016. These have been compiled quite after-the-fact, so there may well be inaccuracies in the spelling or wording, my apologies in advance if this is the case. Feel free to comment if there are errors you notice and I’ll correct them as best as possible.

A preceeding ‘I’ indicates an impromptu motion

GF: THBT states should be allowed to pay other states to relocate and settle refugees.
ISF: THBT versions of history taught by states through the education system should not be designed to promote national pride.
IQF: THBT governments should ban their citizens from joining overseas groups fighting against terrorism which are not official military forces.
IOF: THBT large tech companies should refuse to provide data on their customers to governments, even if it involves refusing to comply with a law which compels them to do so.
IPDO: THW abolish religious primary and secondary schools.
IR8: THW require individuals to pass a political general knowledge test in order to vote.
R7: THBT Obama’s administration has done more harm than good.
IR6: THBT it should be a criminal offence to make comments which could promote hatred against people of particular races, religions, disabilities, sexualities or gender identities.
R5: THBT technology companies with significant market shares should not be eligible for patent protection.
IR4: THW televise criminal trials.
R3: THW require democratic states to hold a national referendum to ratify free trade agreements.
IR2: THBT major film and television awards shows should abolish awards categories separated by gender.
R1: THBT, after meeting their basic needs, individuals have a moral responsibility to donate their wealth towards poverty alleviation.