WSDC 2016 – R1 & R2 aggregate [RESULTS]

Helpfully drawn from the official tab with adjustment for missing ballots that I know of.

2 wins, 6 ballots: Denmark, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa
2 wins, 5 ballots: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden
2 wins, 4 ballots: Netherlands, UAE

1 win, 4 ballots: Bermuda, Greece, Ireland, Korea, Wales
1 win, 3 ballots: Bangladesh, Chile, England, Estonia, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Scotland, Switzerland, Turkey
1 win, 2 ballots: Argentina, China, Czech Republic

0 wins, 2 ballots: USA
0 wins, 1 ballot: Hungary, Lithuania, Nepal, Palestine, Rwanda, Slovakia, Taiwan
0 wins, 0 ballots: Barbados, Croatia, Macau, Montenegro, Qatar, Thailand, Uganda, Zimbabwe

Note: The absence of Nigeria means that certain teams will have once less round and WSDC rules apply to fill that gap. Currently affecting Slovakia and Thailand whose results are based on only 1 debate so far.