WSDC 2016 – Caveat

TL;DR: Go elsewhere to get the fastest results, I will post results but not as quick as before.

Where to get results
– WSDC 2016 Website: They have this results page, don’t know how it operates and whether it’s manually updated or if it’s connected to an automatically updated tab system. Either way, reliable though unsure if it’s the fastest.
– Twitter by searching ‘WSDC’, ‘#WSDC’ or variations thereof. Usually those are the most used, though not always consistently used anyways.
– Twitter by specific individuals. I know these countries have accounts, though no guarantee on whether they are still active and will be speedy sources of results for this tournament: Wales, Lithuania, India, Scotland, UAE, Pakistan, Palestine, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Morocco, Argentina, Ireland, England, Canada, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Australia.
– Facebook by specific countries. These countries have some sort of page, though again no guarantee on reliability: Greece, India, Nepal, Korea, Croatia, Mexico, Taiwan, Macau, Morocco, Romania, Peru, Germany, Ireland, Israel, South Africa, Qatar, Netherlands, Singapore.

Self Indulgent Chatter
It’s that time of year again, when the World Schools Debating Championships rolls onto my doorstep. A cursory glance at this blog will show that I’ve been posting about it since 2010, and despite increasing claims of restraint, have yet to stop (bar 2014, which is perhaps a good indicator of what happens this year). This is another one of those posts, but I’m more convinced this time it’ll happen, though not for a lack of trying.

I’m attending this year’s WSDC, and I have every intention of enjoying the experience in person rather than through the internet. I am unlikely to have reliable internet anyways since I’m on the move, my computer is being left at home for a variety of reasons (it’s recently started hating wifi and LAN cables), it’s difficult to multi-task on a phone, I’m judging which means it’s not so appropriate to be posting news or searching for it during proceedings, and I should stop and move on generally.

I still intend to post results, but it’ll be far less frequent than in previous years.