A somewhat disorganised collection of results from the 2016 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships hosted by Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh, drawn mostly from Tweets and various facebook pages.

On a largely unrelated note, it appaers that WIDPSC 2017 will be hosted in Sydney, Australia.

Major health warning, both in the fact that the underlying sources haven’t been verified, and I may well have made mistakes in translating those results into this post. Any errors are my responsibility alone, and my apologies in advance. That said, here goes:

Best Speaker: Natalie Ganzhorn (Canada)
Best ESL Speaker: Martynas Galnatis (Lithuania)
Debate: Eric Tang (USA)
After-Dinner Speaking: Angela Xiao (USA)
Persuasive Speaking: Rowan Mockler (South Africa)
Impromptu Speaking: Elizabeth Roberts (Canada)
Interpretive Reading: Nicole Sung (Australia)

Top Speakers

  • 1. Natalie Ganzhorn (Canada)
  • 2. Olivia Railton (Canada)
  • 3. Naz Gocek (Canada)
  • 4. Kasra Khadem (Canada)
  • 5. Armin Safavi (Canada)
  • 6. Disha Mittal (Canada)
  • 7. Elizabeth Roberts (Canada)
  • 8. Maya Godden (South Africa)
  • 9. Rowan Mockler (South Africa)
  • 11. Nicole Sung (Australia)
  • 12. Micaella Rogers (South Africa)
  • 13. Rebecca Mqamelo (South Africa)
  • 16. Maggie DeLessio (Hong Kong)
  • 19. Caitlin O’Meara (Australia)

Grand Finalists
After-Dinner Speaking
Angela Xiao (USA) [Champion]
Abbie Minard (USA) [Runner-up]

Eric Tang (USA) [Champion]
Rebecca Mqamelo (South Africa) [Runner-up]
Maya Godden (South Africa) [3rd Runner-up]

Interpretive Reading
Nicole Sung (Australia) [Champion]
Matthew Glasspool (South Africa) [2nd Runner-up]

Persuasive Speaking
Rowan Mockler (South Africa) [Champion]
Disha Mittal (Canada) [Runner-up]
Rebecca Mqamelo (South Africa) [2nd Runner-up]

Impromptu Speaking
Elizabeth Roberts (Canada) [Champion]
Naz Gocek (Canada) [Runner-up]

Finalists in addition to those who made it to the Grand Finals
After-Dinner Speaking
Alexander Leptos (Australia)
Annelise McCarthy (Australia)
Alexander Leptos (Australia) [3rd Runner-up]
Mitchell Christy (South Africa) [4th Runner-up]
Maggie DeLessio (Hong Kong)

Samantha Lai (Hong Kong)

Interpretive Reading
Annelise McCarthy (Australia)
Caitlin O’Meara (Australia)
Keshav Menon (Hong Kong)

Persuasive Speaking
Nicole Sung (Australia) [3rd Runner-up]
Maya Godden (South Africa)
Micaella Rogers (South Africa)

THBT Western culture is too pervasive.
THBT we are becoming slaves to standardized tests.
THBT advertisements targeting children are immoral.
THBT the most important path to a better world is the education of women.

Featured image from @WIDPSC2016: https://twitter.com/WIDPSC_2016/status/715532501532483584



  1. Here are some more results:

    3rd – Naz Gocek (Canada)
    4th – Kasra Khadem (Canada)
    5th – Armin Safavi (Canada)
    6th – Disha Mittal (Canada)
    7th – Elizabeth Roberts (Canada)

  2. Here were some other results:

    3rd – Naz Gocek (Canada)
    4th – Kasra Khadem (Canada)
    5th – Armin Safavi (Canada)
    6th – Disha Mittal (Canada)
    7th – Elizabeth Roberts (Canada)

    Champion: Rowan Mockler
    Runner-up: Disha Mittal

    Champion: Elizabeth Roberts
    Runner-up: Naz Gocek

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