JUDC 2016

Results and motions from the Joint-University Debating Championship 2016.

Champion: CUHK B (Clemence Yung and Ooi Hon-Son)
GF Best Speaker: Ooi Hon-Son (CUHK B)

Top 10 Speakers

Rank Speaker Score Name Team Name
1 389 Paul Lau HKU C
2 383 Sabrina Cheng HKU C
3 378 Bethan Nankivell City U B
4 377 Ooi Hon-son CUHK B
5 376 Kenneth Yu City U A
6 375 Vanessa Wei UST C
6 375 Nelson Lam CUHK A
8 374 Baron Kwan City U A
8 374 Joshua Yueng CUHK A
8 374 Yutai Satake CUHK C

R1: THBT online search engines should inform the authorities about suicide searches.
R2: THW ban religious organisations from providing conversion therapy to LGBT people.
R3: THW allow individuals to sell their votes.
R4: THBT full equality between the sexes requires the complete abolition of femininity and masculinity.
R5: THW create state supported citizen vigilante units to police crime in areas of high organised crime practice.
SF: THW destroy your research.
[Strong AI refers to a stage in robotics technology when robots CANNOT be distinguished from humans in their cognitive abilities, language abilities, and processing capacities. They are capable of making modifications to themselves INDEPENDENTLY of human scientists.]
[You are a scientist who has exclusively invented Strong AI in your research. You know for certain that if you destroy the research, NO ONE will ever invent Strong AI again.]
GF: THW use violence to advance their political causes.