Motions for the 2015 North-East Asia Open on 13-17 November 2015.
Any errors in transcription are mine and mine alone. I am particularly unsure about wording for Open QF, ESL Pre-Semi.
And for the sake of clarity, these motions are not my work. Credit goes to a far more competent and skilled AdjCore team.

R1: THW make all State benefits for local religious institutions (eg. tax exemptions) contingent on their religious leaders being democratically elected by their congregations.

R2: THBT it is in Taiwan’s intrest to abandon polices that support independence.

R3: THBT all art should be published anonymously.

R4: THR shonen manga’s common emphasis on competing to be the strongest.
[INFO: Shonen manga (literally meaning “young boys” comics) is a genre of Japanese manga marketed at adolescents. Famous examples of shonen manga include Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and Slam Dunk.
In Dragon Ball, two ofthe main characters are Goku and Vegeta, who are constantly training, and fighting each other as rivals, in order to be the most powerful warriro.
In Slam Dunk, the main characters are basketball players, who work extremely hard and are determined to be the best in Japan.)

R5: THW make it mandatory for children of middle and upper class families to experience the condition of families below the poverty line for a period of time as their education.

Open QF, ESL Pre-Semi: You are in an emotionally fulfilling but sexually frustrating relationship. THW hire a prostitute.

Open SF, ESL SF: THS the European Community’s act to label products made in Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land.

EFL GF: THBT people should be legally allowed to hurt themselves and others as much as they want, as long as there is legally established consent and there are no additional harms to third parties.

GF: THBT NGO’s which attempt to garner humanitarian support for post-colonial states should, in their campaigns, advertsing and brochures etc., link the States present suffering to past acts of Western colonialism.