Our dashing convenor - Benson Lam (CUHK)

Our dashing convenor – Benson Lam (CUHK)

The Hong Kong Parliamentary Debating Society’s Summer Workshop 2015 has recently concluded. For me personally HKPDS has now gone full circle from 07′-09′ as a participant, to 12′ and 15′ as assistant trainer and trainer. Excellent improvements in the short span of one week from all the participants of course, and really glad I could see it happen.

Grand Finals

Champion: Sex Dream with Victoria (Victoria Liu, Victoria Yang)
Best Speaker in Grand Final: Victoria Yang (Sex Dream with Victoria)
Grand Finalists: Muito Bem (Sam Lin, Fong Cheok Wang), Did We Just Knife Them? (Mackenzie Tsw, Alba Zhu), Sex Dream With Mindy (Vienna Zhu, Anna Shao)

Public Speaking

Champion: Bakhita Fung
1st Runner-up: Karina Poon

Best Speakers

Rank Name Team Points
1 Victor Yang Two Young Too Simple 78.57
2= Liu Chuxuan Sex Dream with Victoria 78.42
2= Raymond Huang Sex Dream With Anna 78.42
4= Anita Carroll Scottish Independence 78.28
4= Yang Yaqing Sex Dream with Victoria 78.28
6 Xiao Mingmei Bidou 78.14
7 Margarita Ma Sex Dream With Anna 78
8= Andre Pannu Scottish Independence 77.71
8= Catherine Guo Two Young Too Simple 77.71
10 Trevor Chow Pretentious Lionfish 77.57


AdjCore: Samuel Chan, Holmes Chan, Wen-yu Weng and Vincent Chiang
See EDCHK for full list including infoslides (indicated by *)

R0: THW abolish single sex schools
R1: THW ban political parties and candidates from advertising before elections
R2: *TH regrets the dominant narrative elements of superhero fiction in the West
R3: *Assuming the Earth enters into a post-climate change apocalypse, THW prioritise saving the lives of those who have contributed less to climate change
R4: TH supports the right to bear arms in the USA
R5: TH regrets the existence of online services that promote infidelity in marriages or relationships
R6: *THW ban this ghost technology
R7: TH believes that Hong Kong high schools should aggressively promote the notion that Hong Kong citizens hold a Chinese political and cultural identity
OF: TH, as China, would cut off development aid to dictatorships in Africa
QF: You are an 18 year-old feminist-identifying female pop star, who has enjoyed celebrity status for several years. You are now considering to target the adult market. THBT we should aggressively self-sexualise our image
SF: THBT NGOs that advocate labor rights should reject all funding from Multinational Corporations
GF: THW allow children, upon reaching the age of majority, to sue their parents for sabotaging their opportunities during their childhood