WSDC 2015 – Round 1 [RESULTS]

[13:22 GMT+8] Round 2 is starting now, so it seems these are all the results we have for the time being until the full set (of 26) gets verified and published by the tabroom.

Australia 3-0 Japan
Ireland 3-0 Hungary
India 3-0 Bahrain
England 3-0 Kuwait
Canada 3-0 Spain
USA 2-1 Estonia
Thailand 2-1 Denmark
Bangladesh 2-1 Indonesia
South Africa 3-0 Macau
Pakistan 2-1 Czech Republic
Wales 3-0 Romania
UAE beat China
Philippines 2-1 Qatar
New Zealand 2-1 Bermuda
Singapore 3-0 Morocco
Greece beat Palestine
Netherlands 3-0 Nepal
Germany 3-0 Slovenia
Malaysia 3-0 Nigeria
Hong Kong 3-0 Turkey
Mexico 2-1 Lithuania
Peru 2-1 Taiwan
Scotland 3-0 Slovakia


As far as possible, in the order they came in and as listed above. Have preferred twitter over others as it auto embeds but some results came in faster via facebook.


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