WSDC 2015 – Media Guide

It’s that time of year again and the 2015 World Schools Debating Championships are beginning shortly in Singapore (not Nigeria). I won’t be doing the regular reportage of the tournament and results, partly because I’m behind the Great Firewall and partly because it takes a little too much effort.

Many teams have already arrived in Singapore and are holding spar debates. The event itself officially kicks off Tuesday (28 July) evening with the opening ceremony, though adj training is occurring before that. Preliminary rounds are on 29, 30, 31 July and 2 Aug, with the break coming out in the evening of 2 Aug. 3 Aug sees OF, QF with SF on 4 Aug and GF on 5 Aug. See Tuna’s upload for full schedule.

Quite a lot of teams, debaters and coaches on twitter, although #WSDC is more popular than #WSDC2015, neither seemed to have gained much traction. I think just searching ‘WSDC’ should pull the breath of tweets desired without too many unwanted results.
In terms of specific accounts, obviously there’s the official @WSDC2015 account, though I don’t know how integrated it is with the tabroom for speedy results. Usually @SchoolsDebate along with the facebook page and blog will reliably have the results, but not at speed.

There are a whole plethora of country or debater specific twitter accounts and facebook pages which you might also find useful. There are too many to list, and I can’t predict which ones will be active during the tournament itself (eg. have time, wifi and access to the source information) so we’ll all just have to see where things stand as the tournament gets underway.