WIDPSC 2015 – Grand Final [RESULTS]

Thanks to Joy Pamnani of Maryknoll Convent School for delivering these in real-time via the SCMP Young Post twitter account. Updated with more details thanks to Brian Wong (Island School) via the WIDPSC 2015 Facebook Page. The overall rankings seem to suggest that the AIDPSC/Break-night order were largely correct or at least closer to the actual results.

To my knowledge the Grand Final was recorded and will be uploaded at some point. If it is a high-quality recording then it will take a little longer to process and edit, though I suspect it will be worth the wait.

Overall Rankings

  1. Samantha Starkey (Canada)
  2. Elizabeth Roberts (Canada)
  3. Martine Duffy (Canada)
  4. Natasha Noore (Australia)
  5. Sarah Hick (Canada)
  6. Philip Balson (United States)
  7. Desmond Fairall (South Africa)
  8. Ji Min Kang (Hong Kong)
  9. Peter Koczanski (Canada)
  10. Micaella Rogers (South Africa)

Source: @youngposthk

Persuasive Speaking

  • Desmond Fairall (South Africa) [Champion]
  • Natasha Noore (Australia) [Runner-up]

After-dinner Speaking

  • Shimali De Silva (Hong Kong) [Champion]
  • Brendan Allan (South Africa) [Runner-up]

Interpretive Reading

  • Imaan Kherani (Canada) [Champion]
  • Emily Kelsall (Canada) [Runner-up]


  • Olivia Railton (Canada) [Champion]
  • Philip Balson (United States) [Runner-up]
  • Samantha Starkey (Canada) [2nd Runner-up]
  • Rebecca Mqamelo (South Africa) [3rd Runner-up]

Impromptu Speaking

  • Anant Butala (Australia) [Champion]
  • Philip Balson (United States) [Runner-up]

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