WSDC 2014 – Draw

LogoThe draw for WSDC 2014 Thailand has been announced. Below are the following:

  1. Round-by-round by teams in alphabetical order
  2. Head-to-head by rounds 0 to 8
  3. Raw draw including draw videos I find all of this year’s draw video’s particularly wonderful and entertaining so well worth a watch 😀
  4. Grid
  5. Team Rankings

1. Round-by-round by teams in alphabetical order

Reads Team: R0 Opponent (Side); R1 Opp (Side); R2 Opp (Side); R3 Opp (Side); R4 Opp (Side); R5 Opp (Side); R6 Opp (Side); R7 Opp (Side); R8 Opp (Side)

If a team’s list starts with () that means they are not involved in Round 0. Where ; (); appears mid-list, this indicates they have a bye in that round.
[10:50 GMT+8] Coded the excel spreadsheet wrong, so the team round-by-rounds were wrong. They have been corrected now. Sorry for the scare.

Argentina: (); New Zealand (P); Macau (O); Chile (P); Scotland (O); China (O); Swaziland (P); Sri Lanka (O); Germany (P)
Australia: (); Turkey (P); Estonia (O); Mexico (O); Denmark (P); Greece (P); Sweden (O); Japan (O); Singapore (P)
Bangladesh: England (P); S. Korea (O); (); Chinese Taipei (P); South Africa (O); Slovenia (O); Peru (P); Swaziland (P); China (O)
Barbados: (); Pakistan (O); Slovakia (P); Turkey (O); Estonia (P); Macau (P); New Zealand (O); Scotland (P); Chile (O)
Canada: (); Indonesia (P); Philippines (O); Malaysia (P); USA (O); UAE (O); Kuwait (P); Chinese Taipei (O); South Africa (P)
Chile: (); Swaziland (P); China (O); Argentina (O); Israel (P); Chinese Taipei (P); South Africa (O); Netherlands (O); Barbados (P)
China: (); Scotland (O); Chile (P); Japan (P); Singapore (O); Argentina (P); Israel (O); India (O); Bangladesh (P)
Chinese Taipei: Malaysia (O); Peru (P); Slovenia (O); Bangladesh (O); India (P); Chile (O); Scotland (P); Canada (P); ()
Denmark: (); Ireland (P); Namibia (O); Morocco (P); Australia (O); Turkey (O); Estonia (P); Pakistan (O); Slovakia (P)
England: Bangladesh (O); Lithuania (O); Thailand (P); Wales (P); Romania (O); S. Korea (P); (); Macau (O); New Zealand (P)
Estonia: (); Morocco (O); Australia (P); Netherlands (P); Barbados (O); Mexico (P); Denmark (O); Indonesia (O); Philippines (P)
Germany: (); Singapore (P); Japan (O); Namibia (O); Ireland (P); USA (O); Malaysia (P); Israel (P); Argentina (O)
Greece: USA (P); Romania (P); Wales (O); Philippines (O); Indonesia (P); Australia (O); Morocco (P); (); S. Korea (O)
India: Kuwait (O); (); S. Korea (P); South Africa (P); Chinese Taipei (O); Peru (O); Slovenia (P); China (P); Swaziland (O)
Indonesia: UAE (P); Canada (O); (); Sweden (P); Greece (O); Romania (O); Wales (P); Estonia (P); Turkey (O)
Ireland: (); Denmark (O); Mexico (P); Sri Lanka (P); Germany (O); Singapore (O); Japan (P); Kuwait (P); UAE (O)
Israel: (); Macau (P); New Zealand (O); Scotland (P); Chile (O); Swaziland (O); China (P); Germany (O); Sri Lanka (P)
Japan: (); Sri Lanka (O); Germany (P); China (O); Swaziland (P); Namibia (P); Ireland (O); Australia (P); Morocco (O)
Kuwait: India (P); Malaysia (O); USA (P); Slovenia (P); Peru (O); (); Canada (O); Ireland (O); Namibia (P)
Lithuania: South Africa (O); England (P); Nigeria (O); (); S. Korea (P); Slovakia (P); Pakistan (O); Peru (O); Slovenia (P)
Macau: (); Israel (O); Argentina (P); Slovakia (P); Pakistan (O); Barbados (O); Netherlands (P); England (P); Nigeria (O)
Malaysia: Chinese Taipei (P); Kuwait (P); UAE (O); Canada (O); (); Sri Lanka (P); Germany (O); Romania (O); Wales (P)
Mexico: (); Namibia (P); Ireland (O); Australia (P); Morocco (O); Estonia (O); Turkey (P); Slovakia (O); Pakistan (P)
Morocco: (); Estonia (P); Turkey (O); Denmark (O); Mexico (P); Sweden (P); Greece (O); Singapore (O); Japan (P)
Namibia: (); Mexico (O); Denmark (P); Germany (P); Sri Lanka (O); Japan (O); Singapore (P); UAE (P); Kuwait (O)
Netherlands: (); Slovakia (O); Pakistan (P); Estonia (O); Turkey (P); New Zealand (P); Macau (O); Chile (P); Scotland (O)
New Zealand: (); Argentina (O); Israel (P); Pakistan (P); Slovakia (O); Netherlands (O); Barbados (P); Nigeria (P); England (O)
Nigeria: Philippines (P); Thailand (O); Lithuania (P); Romania (P); Wales (O); (); S. Korea (O); New Zealand (O); Macau (P)
Pakistan: (); Barbados (P); Netherlands (O); New Zealand (O); Macau (P); Thailand (O); Lithuania (P); Denmark (P); Mexico (O)
Peru: (); Chinese Taipei (O); South Africa (P); UAE (O); Kuwait (P); India (P); Bangladesh (O); Lithuania (P); Thailand (O)
Philippines: Nigeria (O); (); Canada (P); Greece (P); Sweden (O); Wales (O); Romania (P); Turkey (P); Estonia (O)
Romania: (); Greece (O); Sweden (P); Nigeria (O); England (P); Indonesia (P); Philippines (O); Malaysia (P); USA (O)
S. Korea: (); Bangladesh (P); India (O); Thailand (P); Lithuania (O); England (O); Nigeria (P); Sweden (O); Greece (P)
Scotland: (); China (P); Swaziland (O); Israel (O); Argentina (P); South Africa (P); Chinese Taipei (O); Barbados (O); Netherlands (P)
Singapore: (); Germany (O); Sri Lanka (P); Swaziland (O); China (P); Ireland (P); Namibia (O); Morocco (P); Australia (O)
Slovakia: (); Netherlands (P); Barbados (O); Macau (O); New Zealand (P); Lithuania (O); Thailand (P); Mexico (P); Denmark (O)
Slovenia: (); South Africa (O); Chinese Taipei (P); Kuwait (O); UAE (P); Bangladesh (P); India (O); Thailand (P); Lithuania (O)
South Africa: Lithuania (P); Slovenia (P); Peru (O); India (O); Bangladesh (P); Scotland (O); Chile (P); (); Canada (O)
Sri Lanka: (); Japan (P); Singapore (O); Ireland (O); Namibia (P); Malaysia (O); USA (P); Argentina (P); Israel (O)
Swaziland: (); Chile (O); Scotland (P); Singapore (P); Japan (O); Israel (P); Argentina (O); Bangladesh (O); India (P)
Sweden: Thailand (O); Wales (P); Romania (O); Indonesia (O); Philippines (P); Morocco (O); Australia (P); S. Korea (P); ()
Thailand: Sweden (P); Nigeria (P); England (O); S. Korea (O); (); Pakistan (P); Slovakia (O); Slovenia (O); Peru (P)
Turkey: (); Australia (O); Morocco (P); Barbados (P); Netherlands (O); Denmark (P); Mexico (O); Philippines (O); Indonesia (P)
UAE: Indonesia (O); USA (O); Malaysia (P); Peru (P); Slovenia (O); Canada (P); (); Namibia (O); Ireland (P)
USA: Greece (O); UAE (P); Kuwait (O); (); Canada (P); Germany (P); Sri Lanka (O); Wales (O); Romania (P)
Wales: (); Sweden (O); Greece (P); England (O); Nigeria (P); Philippines (P); Indonesia (O); USA (P); Malaysia (O)

2. Head-to-head by rounds 0 to 8

3. Raw draw

A1 Singapore
A2 Australia
A3 New Zealand
A4 England
A5 South Africa
A6 Canada

B1 Netherlands
B2 Scotland
B3 Ireland
B5 Greece
B6 South Korea

C1 Wales
C2 Malaysia
C3 India
C4 Swaziland
C5 Pakistan
C6 Mexico

D1 Peru
D2 Thailand
D3 Philippines
D4 Estonia
D5 Sri Lanka
D6 Israel

E1 Slovenia
E2 Lithuania
E3 Indonesia
E4 Turkey
E5 Germany
E6 Argentina

F1 Romania
F3 Bangladesh
F4 China
F5 Slovakia
F6 Denmark

G1 Barbados
G2 Chile
G3 Namibia
G4 Kuwait
G5 Sweden

H1 Japan
H2 Morocco
H3 Macau
H4 Nigeria
H5 Chinese Taipei

4. Grid

5. Team Rankings