WSDC 2014 – Attending Teams Analyzed: Part 1

This is based on the 45 teams who have been named as either attending or pending by the organisers of WSDC 2014. Data is drawn from tabs of the last 17 WSDCs.

Not attending
Though a number of teams stated they probably weren’t going to attend WSDC 2014, some have magically decided they will be attending after all. No word as to what has changed, although a number of countries did indicate their earlier statements were based on parental assessments at the time and which understandably may have changed.

However, a few teams will still be missed in Thailand, including Bermuda, Czech Republic and Hong Kong who have each attended at least 16 of the last 17 WSDCs with the exception of Hong Kong who have attended 13 of the last 17. Other more recent regulars include Qatar (5 of the last 5), Namibia (3 of the last 5) and Mongolia (3 of the last 5).

Regulars, or not
Of the 45 set to attend, some of the most usual suspects are back, including Australia, Canada, England, Israel, Lithuania, Scotland, Singapore, USA and Wales having attended all the last 17 WSDCs. Argentina, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Peru, Slovakia and South Africa not too far behind having missed only 1 of the last 17 WSDCs.

On the other end of the scale, Chinese Taipei, Macau and Morocco will all be attending their first WSDC. For Chile, China, Malaysia, Nigeria and the UAE, Thailand will mark their 5th time attending WSDC in the last 17 years. It will also be the 3rd time for Barbados, Denmark and Swaziland.

High achieving
The two best performing nations in the last 17 WSDCs are Australia and England, who have each made it to the semi-finals a total of 12 times. England has converted this into 7 grand-finals but just one Championship while Australia have won all bar one of their semi-finals and gone on to win the Grand Finals a total of 9 times.

One rung below, Scotland and Singapore have both made 9 semi-finals. Scotland have been better at converting these into wins with 5 Grand Finals and 3 Championships to their name. Singapore, although only making 3 Grand Finals and winning the Championship in 2011, have been more consistent across the years with an overall average ranking of 4.94 to pip Scotland’s 5.65.

New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, South Africa and Pakistan follow closely behind as the only other countries with an average ranking over the last 17 years of less than 10.