The 2014 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships, once again hosted by Druskininkai in Lithuania, concluded on the 29th of April 2014. A tab has not been publicly published, and WIDPSC still remains one of the least-covered international level tournaments. Hopefully, with Hong Kong set to host WIDPSC 2015 this will change for the better. Thanks also to Brian Wong (Team HK – WIDPSC 2014) from whom many of these results originate.

Whilst there is a lack of official results (I’ve cobbled together as much of what I can find online), there is certainly not a lack of photos or videos, with the organisers very efficiently making them available at https://www.facebook.com/widpsc2014. A video recording of the WIDPSC 2014 Grand Finals is embedded at the bottom of this post.

Any errors in the information included below are mine and mine alone. Given that I was not present in Lithuania, and haven’t been to a WIDPSC in around 5 years these results are highly likely to contain inaccuracies. Please do not rely on these as definitive information in any manner.

All speakers from HK unless otherwise denoted

Daniel Huang [Canada]

Daniel Huang [Canada] (Facebook: WIDPSC2014)

Overall Rankings
1st – Daniel Huang [Canada]
6th – Wong Yue Shun (Brian)
7th – Christopher Skrilos [Australia]
8th – Natalie Ganzhorn [Canada]
13th – Darius Maharaj-Hunter [Canada]
14th – Kate Garrow [Australia]
16th – Liam Fitzpatrick [Australia]
20th – Nicole Liu
23rd – Claudia Tam
24th – Petra Ho
29th – Kai Liepins [Australia]

Grand Finals
Interpretative Reading:
Stephanie Fennell [Canada] – Champion
Peirce Dickson [Canada] – Runner-up
Tatiana Kurschner [Canada]- 2nd runner-up

After-Dinner Speaking:
Brendan Allan [South Africa] – Runner-up
Missing 2 Grand Finalists

Christopher Skrilos [Australia] – Champion
Nicole Liu – Runner-up
Tatiana Kurschner [Canada] – 2nd runner-up
Angelina Li – 3rd runner-up
Motion – THBT every region has the right to secede if the majority of its population wishes so

Impromptu Speaking:
Emma Buckland [South Africa] – Champion
Christopher Skrilos [Australia]- Runner-up
Rahul Naidoo [South Africa] – 2nd runner-up
Judging Impromptu Speaking was Michael Evershed

Persuasive Speaking:
Lulutho Ngcongolo [South Africa] – Champion
Christopher Skrilos [Australia] – Runner-up
Judging Persuasive Speaking was Roy Allen

Debate (12): Caitlin Fischer, Nicole Liu, Angelina Li, Brian Wong
Persuasive Speaking (12): Faith Yeung, Brian Wong

WIDPSC 2014 Grand Finals

Interpretative Reading – 22:25
After-Dinner Speaking – 45:45
Debate – 1:01:01
Impromptu Speaking – 1:43:55
Persuasive Speaking – 2:01:20
Results – 2:32:35