Malaysian Debate Open 2014 [MOTIONS]

As provided by the organisers:

R1: Prison
– THW offer reduced sentences to prisoners who help convict prison inmates and/or prison officials in abuse cases
– THW make house arrest the default punishment for crimes
– Upon release, THBT prisoners have a right to compel the state to employ them in government offices

R2: Women
– THBT votes of the members of a household should be counted only if women in that household vote
– THW ban all commercials that promote stereotypical norms of beauty and femininity
– THW impose a “gender imbalance” tax on corporations

R3: Education
– THBT developing nations should divert tertiary education funding to improving primary and secondary education
– THBT a student’s performance should be evaluated relative to his/her innate capacity
– THW cut subsidy of schools that have high rates of bullying incidents

R4: Economics
– THBT countries with high unemployment rates should ban offshoring
– THBT free trade agreements should include free labor movement
– THW put a moratorium on mergers and acquisitions in the social media industry

R5 – Russia
– THBT the international community should declare the Sochi Olympics void
– THBT Ukraine should accept the result of a Crimean referendum to join Russia
– THBT the West should fund LGBT reformation initiatives in Russia

R6: Post-Conflict Societies
– In post-conflict societies, THBT the government should mandate diversity in community living (i.e. housing, schools, workplace, etc.)
– In post-conflict societies, THBT the military and police powers should be commanded by an international body and not the country’s government
– In post-conflict societies, THBT historical narratives should be owned by the government

OF: Health Care
– THBT the state, not parents, should make all medical decisions for children until they reach the age of consent
– THW deprioritize the elderly in allocating scarce medical resources
– Where a scientifically proven treatment has been approved for a condition, THW ban any alternative medication that aims to treat the same

QF & ESL SF: Development
– THW make development aid contingent on recipient countries having aggressive socially redistributive policies
– THBT government contracts involving natural resources should be subjected to a referendum
– THBT governments should prioritize investing in populated areas where there’s the least private and/or foreign capital investment

SF & ESL GF: Rights
– THW limit the amount of land people can own
– THW ban corrective treatment for the mentally ill
– THW abolish the constitutional privilege against self-incrimination

GF: State
– THBT the state has no right to demand/request citizens to surrender their lives
– THBT the state should never pardon the crimes of individuals
– THBT there is no state duty to protect individuals from themselves